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  1. 4 hours ago, JLO64 said:

    My guess is that they won't be as affected by this as Facebook is since plenty of iPhone users use their services and apps (Google is the default search engine for Apple devices) and Apple can't block Google from tracking them there.

    Actually, cross site tracking exists on iOS. Along with a decent content blocker and Google gets very little data from, of course besides what you search and any data that you willingly give them. 

  2. I mean, if its a good drive you should still get it. Having extra drives is always good. But would I buy a new motherboard for one? No. What you could do is get an NVMe PCIe card if you want to use it. 


    SATA SSDs are perfectly fine though imo. 

  3. It's like this. As a kid, Star Wars is cool. Scary dark helmet man, space magic, cool ships, etc...... but Star Trek is for a more mature audience. There's no action packed ground combat in Star Trek (sans Kelvin Timeline), space battles are usually really narrow in scope, and there's not a lot of action. Star Trek is dialog focused and is really a lot of space politics and morality lessons. Star Trek is much more character focused as well imo. The characters move the story more than the plot forces the characters to do something. 


    Is Star Trek less cool than Star Wars? Yes. You can't be cooler than a Storm Trooper. But Star Trek is something you really grow to appreciate and love if you have an attention span. 


    I love both francises, but Star Trek has so much more content than Star Wars and imo the universe is more interesting, more diverse, and is way more creative. 


  4. 1 minute ago, WereCatf said:

    I'd personally go this route, but not everyone has the skills needed to design such a PCB.

    Yeah, I don't even have a 3D printer and I do not have the skills required to design a PCB. I'm barely one or two steps up from Helpdesk IT. 

  5. Hello, I was wondering, since at least 1 of the employees I provide tech support to now has a new Lenovo laptop with an M.2 NVMe SSD in it, I have realized that I have no way of interfacing with a drive like that when its removed from the laptop. Getting a M.2 NVMe/SATA enclosure is easy enough, just order one on Amazon. But what I was wondering is if there's an enclosure that's similar to a HDD Toaster, but for M.2 drives. 


    I don't really see myself needing to clone NVMe drives, especially since I've moved all the employees I manage over to Microsoft 365. I also don't see myself doing that because all the current machines the other employees have are all using standard 2.5" drives.... but it would be nice to be able to clone M.2 drives. 


    If there isn't something like what I'm describing, I suppose 2 individual enclosures would do the job. I think you get can get a nice one for like $25. 

  6. Hi, the way you're supposed to do this is a little odd. You have to add the songs you want on your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you can do this by syncing with a Windows PC in iTunes or on a Mac with the Music app/Finder. 


    Once you have the songs on your iPhone, make a playlist on your iPhone and title it whatever you want. Then open up the Watch app -> music -> Add Music -> Add your playlist. 


    You iPhone will then beam the music to your Apple Watch while it's charging. 

  7. Hello, as you have noticed the Flashing Question Mark means your OS is damaged or there is no OS installed. The PowerMac G5 only supports up to Mac OS X 10.5.8. Per the forum rules, I don't think I can directly link to someone who is not Apple that is distributing versions of OS X and macOS that are not freely available on the Mac App Store. However, I'm sure there could not possibly be any archived ISO images of 10.5.8 somewhere on the internet. IF you were to find one of them, you could burn that ISO to a disk and install OS X. 

  8. 1 hour ago, gabrielcarvfer said:

    Isn't it funny how Twitter gets a free pass?

    Yeah, when is Twitter going to be taken down or forced to implement no-NSFW on iOS? It's totally not like Twitter has become the replacement for Tumblr or anything....

  9. The review process is not cursory, and Apple does prevent/remove apps from the App Store because they often catch things. Even if we say it is just a formality....it’s not like Epic or a court could change that policy on the App Store. 

    What they’re really trying to do is demonstrate that the App Store isn’t secure at all, and that iOS is actually a thriving malware distribution platform. In doing this, they hope to discredit Apples position of providing a secure platform by only offering the App Store. 

    I’d say Epic is on the losing side of that particular argument. 

  10. Which Mac to get depends on what you do on your machine. If you need any Windows compatibility, an M1 Mac is not the right choice. But if you know everything you want to do can be done in macOS, the M1 MacBook Air has essentially the same performance as the M1 Pro. However, you said you need at least 3 ports, so unless you want to use a dongle, an M1 Mac is out of the question. 


    If you need a machine right now, you have a tough decision to make. If you can wait, I strongly suggest you do. 

  11. 8 years is a long time to hold onto any machine, expecting to be able to take it back to the manufacturer and get it serviced is also a bit of a stretch. That being said, Apple not supporting their Macs for as long as Microsoft supports Windows is not cool. But, Windows is built on the ideal of legacy support, Macs are not.