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  1. Currently really struggling in Calc 2. I can't do 3 pages of Integrals for Volume of Revolution problems in 1 hour. In order to have enough time I would have to setup each problem perfectly the first time and make no errors in my work at any point. I would also have to not have any doubt on the setup. 


    If I screw up the setup and computed the integral with the wrong value I simply do not have time to correct the mistake and update my work to show it. 

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    2. DrMacintosh


      I don't really see how being able to do the problem in 10min rather than 30min shows any difference in understanding? I have never processed math quickly but I can still do any problem given enough time. 


      Also you won't "never finish" if you don't know how to do a problem. You either will show some work to get partial credit, skip it entirely, or get a wrong answer. The test won't somehow never be submitted. 

    3. TheGlenlivet


      Took Algebra in high school and passed with a c-, but I wish you good luck all the same!

    4. BuckGup


      I meant you'll never finish and you'll get a zero for the remaining portion of the test instead of partial credit. In my calc class they did the same thing and they didn't allow calculator either. I struggled a bit so I would bank off partial credit but almost all the other remaining kids would finish it in less time that they gave