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  1. DrMacintosh

    So apparently, "camber" is an actual thing that…

    When I think of camber I think of ships. (Interior Hallway of the Queen Mary)
  2. DrMacintosh

    Trying to decide if I should take my first shot…

    Selling locally can be tough if you don't live in a big and diverse area. For example, I live in Orange County California. So basically one of the best places to be for buying and selling all kinds of things locally. In my experience, the only things that sell locally are highly desirables. Rare (but desired) games, consoles, phones etc. Those things can sell on eBay too, but for more obscure items (like collectables) selling online is usually where you can get your best price. Just factor in eBay fees into your asking price.
  3. What good PR does Apple get by making a statement every time some new malware is discovered when they can simply stay silent and patch out the malware? The direction the Mac is heading is towards the way of the iPhone. Meaning that very soon, their position of “security” is going to be significantly more attainable (to the detriment of power users).
  4. It depends on how the use the Mac tbh. A Mac can actually be a better option as long as they stick to the Mac App Store (now with iOS apps) Honesty simply installing an ad blocker and sticking to the Mac App Store would put the security risk at a minimum for the tech illiterate.
  5. Sounds like a stereotype to me. Anyone with a brain knows any system can be compromised.
  6. Part two of busting spacex


  7. No, we’re sticking with malware because that’s what Apple is applying this to. They’re removing predatory apps that could be classified as malware. Apple isn’t removing apps they don’t like, they are removing apps that exist solely to scam customers. In the end though, It doesn’t matter what you think because action has already been taken and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  8. Malware does not have the right to be on the AppStore and Apple has every right to remove any that appears on their platform.
  9. Every right since they own and operate the distribution platform. A grocery store manager has every right to not carry a certain product if they don’t want it in their store. Apple is no different. That’s something people know going into iOS. If they don’t like it, they can decline the EULA and return the device. Also it’s kinda not because you can side load apps and even download them from the internet on an iPhone.
  10. That’s exactly what’s not happening here. Apple is preventing developers from milking customers with WEEKLY charges for apps. I don’t care what service your app provides, you don’t get to bill weekly. It’s predatory and Apple is exerting control over their platform (which they have every right to do) to stop it. If you host an app on the Apple store you have to follow the rules. That’s already been established. There is simply a new rule now that says scamming customers (the only reason weekly billing exists) is not allowed.
  11. I would like to know why this thread has derailed so much and why people are so unwilling to acknowledge that any company that takes actions to prevent customers from being scammed is a good thing? The developers aren’t the victims here, they were the perpetrators!
  12. They are preventing developers from scamming customers. Whatever reasoning behind saying “oh but muh free market” kinda goes out the window when you realize that. Further it is Apples platform and if they want they can set a price cap. Everyone here acts out of concern for the poor developers without realizing that scum tier developers are the reason this move is happening in the first place. I don’t care what your app is, you don’t get to bill people $8 a WEEK.
  13. Ensuring your platform doesn't become filled with scams is a PR stunt, sure.
  14. You really shouldn't be, because consumers getting ripped off from apps that bill you weekly negatively reflects on the App Store and Apple overall.
  15. Nice conspiracy. The reality is that there is no stock of any GPU. If Nvidia wanted to move old stock, they would just let retailers keep selling the old stock....
  16. Targeted advertising is significantly more effective than simply putting any add in an ad space or pop-up on a website. They "track" you in the sense that they figure out what products you're in the market for and serve you ads to entice a purchase. The alternative to that is being served ads that probably have no relevance to you. You would also probably see a lot more of them because the blanket ads are not as effective and to makeup the lost revenue more ads are going to be served. With all that being said, hoping for legislation to pass or some (quite frankly preposterous) leg
  17. The internet is free, meaning you don’t have to pay to use Google Docs, YouTube, Reddit, etc. the downside to everything being free is that these services need to make money in less obvious ways. Aka ads and selling consumer data to advertisers. In order to move away from that, the only option is to switch to a “paid” internet and turn the web into something along the lines of the horror that is cable packages. I don’t particularly want that. Just my opinion though. As it stands, my favorite tech company also is the only player taking security and privacy seriously. I’m ok
  18. Use iCloud Keychain. Free password manager. Also Apple has a Chrome Extension now for iCloud Keychain. Really don’t see a reason to use a third party manager. Unless of course you don’t have at least 1 Apple device.
  19. DrMacintosh

    I could have told you this a long time ago: Isn…

    Failures and flops aren’t the subject of the video. It’s exposing Elon as a con artist who promises the moon and delivers something that’s only marginally better or worse than current offerings.
  20. I could have told you this a long time ago:

    Isn't it odd that basically all the companies Elon Musk is involved in are shady, impossible, or blatant scams? Only Tesla is somewhat "actually" an honest company producing products. Elon is a con man. 

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    2. BuckGup


      2 hours ago, DrMacintosh said:

      Failures and flops aren’t the subject of the video. It’s exposing Elon as a con artist who promises the moon and delivers something that’s only marginally better or worse than current offerings. 

      Tell me how SpaceX is behind NASA, Russia, Blue Origin, Virgin Galatic, or China? No one has what SpaceX has on the market currently today. Also StarLink has over 1,000 satellites now and actually works. How is that a con?

    3. FloRolf


      Love how in the first 60 seconds of the video the dude is already off with his numbers by over 100%.


      I mean sure he probably has some points but generally Elon is doing many things right and achieve a whole damn lot. 

    4. RoseLuck462


      Nah he good. 

  21. Having talked with people in IT, I've come to understand it that you can expect to see (or should plan to see) around a 10% DOA/defect rate for bulk electronics purchases.
  22. DrMacintosh

    I’ve never been into Pokémon before but I bough…

    I have a new 2DS XL, I had just been wanting to get the 3DS. Not worth the $150 inflated asking price though.
  23. I’ve never been into Pokémon before but I bought Pokémon Crystal from the eShop and it’s pretty nice. VirtualConsole is probably the best feature of the 3DS line. 

    1. minibois


      nice! Pokemon Crystal is still in my top 5 fav Pokemon games I'd say.

    2. RoseLuck462


      You find a good 3ds?

    3. DrMacintosh


      I have a new 2DS XL, I had just been wanting to get the 3DS. Not worth the $150 inflated asking price though. 

  24. Lots of places have no competition. I'm lucky though that I don't have a data cap.