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  1. -= Topic moved to Displays =-
  2. Let me tag Linus for you. @LinusTech This will let him know you want him to see this.
  3. -= Topics Merged =- Lets not multi-post topics. One subject = One topic.
  4. I tried to look up what it is you are asking about and I could not find it. Please elaborate as to which product you are referring to.
  5. This has has been said many, many, many times by many people since Linux launched. It has yet to to gain momentum past its target user group. Linux is by and far not a general public friendly OS. People in general just want point and click functionality right out of the box, they don't want to have to manually maintain their OS. Linux is in a large part a better fit for server loads and diy'ers like yourself and some others.
  6. -= Thread Cleaned =- Keep replies on topic, telling Op to go with AMD with no ground as to why is not answering the OP's question.
  7. After 12 years of Military service, 10 years in Security 5 children and 5 years on this forum I expect everything. Not much gets past anymore. Everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  8. The reason why anyone can learn to read minds is because we do it already. Although our assumptions are often wrong, it’s not because the process of mind reading fails. We can mirror the thoughts and feelings of people we interact with.
  9. OK guys can we unlock this I am having posting withdrawal..... oh wait I can still post. Never mind. /s
  10. -= Locked =- We cannot provide assistance with this as it would violate the Community Standards on hacking/cracking. We no way to verify that the device is yours and the action being taken are not nefarious.
  11. Me rarely, I usually turn off the live chat so I am not distracted from what Linus and Luke or whom ever is hosting, is talking about.
  12. If you think about this would be referred to as a successful scam as pictures would indicate they do title it "Paper <product name>" and so Ebay in some way can defend the seller as the item is listed correctly. Those that purchase and cry foul are only dumb enough not to read the title and description. I dont have linkable examples but iirc when this happened before some buyers admitted they purchased based on the photo only, not reading the description so refund was awarded. And that was the scam, sellers banked that people were not going to read and just buy based on the p
  13. Forum Mod but in twitch I am confident that similar requirements exist. Linus and Luke prefer trustworthy individuals for moderation and those chosen usually have to show themselves as productive members prior to receiving a recommendation. I would reckon that twitch moderation would mirror req to the discourse channel.
  14. Just to add to what @LogicalDrm said; The current topics are located in the LTT Official Sub-Forum for the very reason that LMG Staff can find it easy as these are for the direct viewing of the LMG Staff. The 2 current video suggestion topic are pinned first for easy navigation. Literally the first 2 topic in the sub forum. What your asking for is pretty much already there. I am not saying this cannot be a possibility but there will be an increased amount moderation as then we would have to constantly make sure video suggestions are made in the correct place, also I do
  15. This is not the first time this scam has been done on Ebay. The RTX3080 is just the most recent "victim".
  16. Mods are chosen by recommendation, there is a criteria that needs to be met, asking to be one is not a way to become one. Before you ask what the criteria is Ill tell you this, 1. you must be a member of the forum for 2 years. 2. the rest doesn't matter if you do not meet the first.
  17. SansVarnic

    cbd oil

    -= Topic Locked =- This subject is in-appropriate to ask here. Please seek a medical practitioner for these types these questions.
  18. -= Topic Locked =- -= Topic Moved to GD =- Political discussion is not allowed. Topic moved as this news is about an App is affected by political positioning. Topic locked as the thread has become politically charged and derailed. Please be mindful when posting topics that have strong political tie-ins.
  19. Thanks for clearing that up, I assumed it worked by the comments in the apps, I cannot go off experience on this one unfortunately.
  20. Linus' daily driver is a Samsung Note 9. I dont know how the watch works with the phone, I dont use one myself. I do have a Note 9 myself so looked up the Apple watch apps in the play store. I would assume that the application has the proper handshakes to make it work proper other wise they wouldn't be getting used. This is the most likely case and I think I do recall him saying the same thing but I do not remember in what video he said it in.
  21. Not gonna happen, if they could have made it open to other countries they would have. Consider the fact that they would be facing a huge liability if they flew a possible Covid case [or carrier] into Canada... Just think about it. N America is the only logical and possible way to make this happen, why do you think they waited so long until announcing this? I am positive they considered all possibilities before releasing the news. *edit to include: This decision is the best they could come up with, with current state of affairs there is no other way this could happen. The
  22. That is not an example of Apple taking ideas from outside the company, that is called trending competition. Taking what is popular and creating a product to compete against directly, not because it was asked for but because that is what is or was trending. Apple is not known for it innovations, except for one thing, the iPhone. Taking feedback from your customers and basing decisions and creating content from that feedback is taking ideas from outside the company. You have it backwards my friend. Apple [even in the early days] has always been focused on proprietary'ism an
  23. LCD and LED are very commonly used back and forth and are used sometimes incorrectly. LCD, LED and OLED are still very much in common use today.