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  1. -= Topic moved to Troubleshooting =- OP please provide more information for reference so members can assist you. A random noise from somewhere in the direction of your pc is not much to go on.
  2. NASA has already admitted that UFO's are real soooo....
  3. Forum Moderators are not Employees of LMG, we are 100% volunteer group. The position that @colonel_mortis posted is not for a Forum Moderator, it is to help maintain the internal workings of the forum, this was clearly defined. It is still a voluntary position, if you are not interested then by all means do not apply, if you are interested then apply, your argument is not a subject up for debate here. If you want to discuss further please take this to a proper place to discuss, via PM to the Admin/Moderation Team.
  4. @Link109 please add some context to your topic. FYI, this forum has no upvote options.
  5. You currently only qualify for the Bronze Badge. Badges go by rank, once you exceed the point mark you get upgraded so since you currently have 6,293,740 points you have passed the Contributor Badge and get the Bronze Badge. You only get to have [show] the badge you hold at the point mark you sit at. Example I have Gold so I cant have Silver, Bronze and Contributor showing. The Event Newbie Badge is awarded to those participating [participated] in the official folding month not for non-official folding events. If you participated in last years folding month please get with @GOTSpect
  6. LMG/LTT does not perform these services for hire.
  7. -= Moved to Console Gaming =-
  8. -= Locked =- -= Moved to Off topic =- Random posting of an IMGUR, best suited for you Status Update.
  9. Its basically a fixed priced. It hasnt changed in 20 years.
  10. @Demonmit please fix you topic to meet the posting Guidelines. Your quotes are not from the sources listed. Please fix this or your topic may be removed.
  11. -= Locked =- Topic has turned into a OS vs OS. Thusly it has run its course.
  12. Windows Home: $99 USD Windows Pro: $199 USD @homeap5: this is why... The reason the current model of windows exist is because Microsoft has been fighting piracy for decades. They have not given up but they have made the process easier to them to fight the battle. I dont have the details so I cant cant go into how this is, but think about, if the software is freely available to distribute then all they have to focus on is the license. Servers do the checks and balances, when something doesnt show up right it filters out and flags, then MS will step in and identi
  13. For sake of argument you are being pedantic on this subject. I wont go off on a long derailing thing here but you are arguing Apple and Oranges. And @piratemonkey makes a good point. Buying the license and buying a physical product are two different things, buying the license still gives you access to the product within the agreed ToS of which this method has been established decades ago. You are mixing two arguments into one. This applies to more than just gaming, why I did not mention gaming.
  14. -= Locked =- What you are asking "Is there any way to manually pass captcha on newegg" violates the Community Standards. Your best bet is this: "my only option is to wait? " Yes. We cannot assist you beyond this point, I understand what happened but your question and what you are asking is technically asking help in bypassing legitimate security feature on a legitimate website and it would be a liability of this forum to provide such an answer.
  15. I find this interesting, none of your points of argument make sense. You want things for free, yet you demand others to not participate in consumerism. You claim that downloading pixels is not a product. But then you turn around say you want nothing free. Contradict much??? Hmmm??? Software developers producing a product takes time and know-how. A skill that is a good chance you dont or may not have, most people that make these arguments have not the understanding of how the product is made they make the same claims you do thus my presumption your lack in t
  16. -= Topic Locked =- Topic has runs its course.
  17. -= Topics Merged =- No need to post topics multiple times.
  18. -= Topic Cleaned =- Do not derail topics.
  19. -= Topics Merged =- Do not repost your topics. You can always edit your current topic or comment to make corrections.