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  1. -= Topic Locked and Cleaned =- We have no need for topics to turn into shit posting.
  2. The best way to determine this is to open the menu on the monitor go to to the information tab. You may have to play around a bit to find it. Otherwise try what @The_russian suggests.
  3. Update 14June2020 <Insert pandemic excuse...> So I now have received and installed all parts. To-Do list: Install OS WIN10 Pro (plan is to see if this will work best before I invest in WinServer 2019) Test boot, yaddy yada... Stress Test, This will be a F@H and BOINC run for about a week. This will take a few days as I have moved the server to my Dads, due to a power supply issue at my home (big oops on my part) I will have to run this at his place until that issue is resolved. Also I need to switch my IP to Static.. yay more cost.
  4. This may help you. Link to drivers and instructions. Hopefully I found the correct model you have? DWA-181-US? https://support.dlink.com/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DWA-181-US
  5. Unfortunetly the LTT Discord and the LTT Forum are moderated independently. LTT Forum Moderators have no direct influence on the LTT Discord. This ^^^ would be my first question as well.
  6. I suggest you get on LTT YT channel and start watching. There are a lot of build videos if you go back far enough. <removed>
  7. -= Topics merged =- It is not allowed to make multiple topics on the same subject.
  8. I assume its a land line answering machine. Yes this is a common thing, answering machines became popular back in the mid-90's due to phone advertisers/solicitors. It is still a thing but with more mobile phones there are less land lines now. 1) Probably, but I see this being a thing in Europe as well, but I cant prove it. 2) Yes and Yes, see previous comment above. 3) At this point with mobile phones being a thing land lines are disappearing. For example I had a land line the first I was married, since I had a mobile it was a waste of money for me to maintain. Have no
  9. -= Locked =- Dream build topics are not allowed.
  10. Local newspaper? I know here you can advertise in the classifieds. Craigslist.com Ebay.com LinkedIn.com freelancer.com
  11. Ok I recently went and upgraded my Rainmeter and decided to make a skin change so I installed ModernGadgets (I prefer the spartan look) I got this going and ran into one specific issue I cant get around for some reason. Chronometer: The default layout gives you the time, uptime counter and a countdown. I removed the uptime and the countdown as do not need these. Issue: I want the time to be represented in 24hr, the default is in 12hr. I open the settings interface and selected the custom format and inserted the proper format codes; %H:%M:%S %R this unfortunately did
  12. -= Topic Locked =- We cannot assist you with non-legitimate software. Links to cracked software has been removed.
  13. SansVarnic

    PS5 Memes

    -= Locked =- We have a memes thread already.
  14. Could you include a ruler or something easy to identify for scale?
  15. -= Locked =- As mentioned this topic exists.
  16. -= Locked =- Please continue this conversation here:
  17. @Strider1974 please edit your topic to meet the Posting Guidelines for Tech News.
  18. -= Locked =- I know this game Topic already exists, there is no need to start another one. (looking it up, will link shortly)