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  1. Yeah did that and still a no go. If you go to the mod chat you can see the conversation I had with Mortis... Dated 08November. I tagged you so you can find it. Official Build: Version 86.0.622.69 (Official build) (64-bit) Dev Build: Version 88.0.692.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) I have to ready myself to drive to Indiana [7 hour drive], you can PM me or continue the conversation in the chat and I'll see it and reply when I get to my hotel tonight.
  2. @GoodBytes have you run into any issues lately of logging into LTT Forums and Edge not auto logging you in? or just plain not remembering you even though "remember me" is selected?
  3. -= Topic Moved to Phones and Tablets =- This is not a Hot Deals discussion. This question would be better to answer if you could tell us what your preferences where. Do they look the same? Do they offer the same color choices? Is the price offering different? Really if they are the same feature wise, it honestly breaks down to personal choice, how it feels to the user. We cant tell you which one to buy, only we can help you figure out which is a better fit for you. You have to ultimately decide.
  4. Two Men walk in to a bar.

    The third one ducks.



    Two men walk into a bar.
    One man orders H2O.
    The other says, “I’ll have H2O too.”
    The second man dies.

  5. First, Thank-you all for the well wishes after the Derecho, They were/ are well appreciated. *Project Update November 12, 2020 Things are back in swing with getting this back on track, I have been doing the number game and getting the budget together to run a new service to the garage. Hopefully I can get all I need (hardware and supplies) purchased by end of the year and start getting it installed in January. Granted it will be winter at that time but I dont see to much to worry over it really. Once I get the meter box installed and the service wire run I just
  6. Temporarily.... if your interested see the link in my sig.
  7. Please explain more what you are asking for, elaborate some.
  8. 20 Million shy of the 500,000,000 ... Yay!!! The folding doesnt stop till I hit that 500mil, sooo it looks like roughly 15-16 more days. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ
  9. If only I could have had Project SteamRoller running, I would be in the top 10 and not have fallen from 26th to 118th place. All you and your 2080's/30xx's !! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ /s
  10. Your topic doesn't meet the guidelines.... not that it is not news. Review the guidelines and format your post to meet the requirements then request for this to be moved back.
  11. -= Locked =- This topic has been posted many, many times. Also this topic violates the No VS topic rule in the CS.
  12. -= Topics Merged =- One topic is enough. Multi-posting the topic is not allowed.
  13. SMH... I guess this is a non-issue for me since I dont use social media but then I try to stay away from debt. Also this now opens another venue for scammers, I am sorry that this is happening for the rest of you that do use it.
  14. Possible it was marked then removed, then again maybe not. You should bring this up in the forum update topic so Mortis is aware.
  15. Windows 1.11 Before that DOS 4.2 and 6.0
  16. @Chiyawa Please see the following for information on the recent Forum update.
  17. Hitting those low F cords are hard on my speakers....
  18. -= Topic Cleaned =- If you cannot comment/reply within the Guidelines of the CS then please do not post.
  19. @Sarra please provide more information on the issue so other members can assist you.
  20. -= Locked =- Posts such as these are best suited as Status Update posts.
  21. -= Locked =- OP clearly had an agenda here as they admitted to doing... no need to keep this open.
  22. I do not want to derail this topic so I will leave this for another time and place.