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  1. -= Topic moved to PC Gaming =-

    Please mind that you post your topics on the correct sections. Thank you.


    3 hours ago, Matthew Paano Torres said:

    (Why does Linus Tech Tips seriously require to fill out CONTENT if we have a POLL?)

    Gives content to the poll. Seems rather obvious to me.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Tamesh16 said:

    I had no idea, though it was similar to 32 and 64 bit, thanks for responding, and thanks for asking OP

    X86 is the physical process design architecture, 32 and 64 bit are software design mostly and both run on x86 cpu architecture known as registers but I suggest you see article I link below for more in depth understanding.



    @Rocketdog2112also here is a Wikipedia article you can read, its a fairly thorough and interesting read.



  3. 9 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    X86 license = permission to profit with X86, basically.

    Intel... you can literally google this.

    Intel, AMD and VIA are the three at first, not sure how things changed (especially for VIA, since different companies are buying this brand just for X86 license)

    Windows OS runs on x86... 

    Ah yes I forgot VIA.. thanks for including that 👍


    @Rocketdog2112X86 is the architecture that most of our current processors are based on. Other architectures take their lessons of design from this though they are different of course.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Rocketdog2112 said:

    I recently read a comment that referred to an X86 license. This is a term I'm not familiar with. So I gotta ask the four W's...

    What is a X86 license?

    Who created X86?

    Who owns the rights to X86?

    What is it's purpose?

    What is a X86 license? CPU Architecture. 

    Who created X86? Intel

    Who owns the rights to X86? Intel [also it is licensed to AMD]

    What is it's purpose? To own the rights on and manufacture of X86 Chips.

  5. -= Topic Locked =-


    Simply put there are to types of discussions in forums that do not go well, Politics and Religion.


    Fortunately for me our Community Standards makes this a simple problem to approach.


    • No trolling or flame-bait.
      • This includes topics such as AMD vs NVIDIA, "company X sucks", and religious debates
    • No political content, regardless of your views.
      • If something spans politics and tech, the discussion must remain clearly within tech and must not descend into politics
      • This covers all parts of the site, including status updates


  6. No, your pc uses virtual memory as well which resides in your hard drive space [or ssd if you have one] commit charge is pretty much the utilization amount of physical and virtual memory or page filing your pc needs to use for its processes.


    Do you need to install that much RAM? not really. Your PC will create virtual memory regardless of the amount of RAM you have installed as it still requires it for page filing.

    The average recommended RAM for today is roughly 16GB but many are installing 32GB & 64GB.


    Here is some links you can read up on this:



    There are plenty of other sources as well if you do a proper search.

  7. 13 hours ago, prod.blxr said:

    Is there any trustworthy way I can trade my money with a GPU? I'll pay fair+I'll overpay a good price like +150, 250 dollars more. For international shipping too. Its not that far so ill actually overpay hundreds.

    Is there a way I can trade like that IN A TRUSTWORTHY WAY?

    Ebay, Craigslist... etc.