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About SansVarnic

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    The Ban Hammer of Fate
  • Birthday May 13, 1981

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    I have it. :) I don't usually share it.
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    I have it. I don't usually share it.

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    Behind you with my Hammer Lulz
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    To many to keep track of... hmm must be bloatware.

    Reading <-- lots of this
    Just to name a few. . . .
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    I was born in Iowa. I have had no reason strong enough to move, yet.

    Served 12 years of my life for the country I love.
    Engineers Lead the Way. Essayons!

    I am Married to the most beautiful woman that I know.
    I have 5 children. My wife has 6.
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    None - I resigned from Work. (actually, I am self-employed)


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    Commonly Practiced eUphemisms is a hobby of mine. yup
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    My Mother doesn't Board ... err um what?
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    Got some of those, the horns hurt, a lot.
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    Sorry my Grandpa doesn't have a Personal Unicorn
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    Ya I think I have one of those it where all the cool techie stuff goes in right?
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    Oh definitely, I keep all the stuff I can't fit at home in...
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    Partially Stupefied User, yes I know a few.
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    You want to Display what?
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    I'm to hot.
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    My typewriter works better, you cant even fit paper in these, uugh
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    Caught one last week, it bites too.
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    Bit flat
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    MS-DOS 6.2, MSVII, MSX
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  1. Why do people keep using the phrase "future-proof" ?

    It is a huge misnomer. PLEASE stop using it. The concept of a future proof anything is self defeating and self consuming simply as the future becomes present becomes past. Things age, we are currently making design and idea obsolete every 3-8 months.


    Future-proofing was and is not a thing.

    If you plan to build long term or long lasting then yes That is a thing.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. lewdicrous


      We need a subforum specifically for things like future proof, bottleneck, etc., that just has a popup saying "stop" when you try to post in it.

    3. Lurick


      @lewdicrous But the forum is broken it won't let me post :P

    4. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      eh they'll probably get to it by next april