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  1. @glennmckenna your topic was merged with this topic "Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned". Please note to use this thread when posting memes in the future.
  2. -= Locked =- As noted, this is a re-post. Please do a check before posting in the future, Thank-you.
  3. -= Topic Locked =- This has run its course, including this topic is walking the line into politics.
  4. They won't, fyi this subject has already been discussed to a great length yep If you watch the WAN, hopefully you have seen the episode where he explains why he uses clickbaity titles. It's a YT algorithm thing and to increase views or get the videos suggested he has to clickbait to a degree.
  5. Without going into a point for point counter argument, your wrong, Plain and simple. This is coming from experience of having had run a business as a COO for nearly 10years before going self employed. Your argument makes assumptions on how a business works. And business does not work the way your projecting. A business does not take on new employees and then finds money to pay them. Its the other way around. Linus' explanation is fair in this and why your twisting that is beyond any understanding. Taking on new venues of revenue regardless of the reason is good business. LMG is a for-pro
  6. -= Topic moved to Looking for Group =- Please note were you post. Thank you.
  7. This is the LTT Forum.... the store is a separate entity.... just sayin.
  8. -= Topic Cleaned =- Keep your comment to being constructive, if you can't just don't comment. To the OP; Building a water system is great, just be sure to exercise caution being a first timer.
  9. Not surprised by this, I am glad you won though and are doing ok. I feel you on the back issues, I suffer as well, not to the degree you do probably but understand. I dont recommend the AARP to any one though, it's not what it used to be. I get their mail constantly and I am only 39, why? who knows. I do know they are losing membership for their continued increase in supporting and promoted crappy stuff.
  10. -= Topic moved to CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory =- This is not news, discussion worthy but not news.
  11. Your not a senior yet, wait till you reach 65-70 then your a senior.
  12. -= Topics Merged =- Please do not repost your topics, multi-posting is not allowed. You will receive replies over time, this is a forum it takes time as a forum works in this manner. It is not a real time social media site.
  13. I'm sure it's not and I am sure @Spottywill remove it at the appropriate time....
  14. Your question is an odd one in the way you word it.... But, You should buy what you feel is best for you. If you can find and afford newest gen then buy it, if not then buy what meets your need and budget. I dont always buy newest gen, I buy what fits my need... and I cant say I am poor or rich...
  15. Hey my parrot doesnt bother anyone.... has no one noticed it?
  16. Just didnt know what you meant by WAP... im aware of the that nasty womans video and song [of which I will never listen or watch]. I cant say I have heard of WAP being used for Warning Points and I cant say Ill start, knowing it also means the other thing I dont want to think about. Thanks for that image....
  17. If they break just use a few case screws to put it back.
  18. Please dont, this type of comment is very unnecessary and not generally welcomed here.
  19. Thismulti quote and quote in that order.