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  1. Funny
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Spotty in I message on Windows?   
    Why not just send an SMS? 
    Oh, so you're paying them to read all of your inbound and outbound messages? For $10/month they better offer advice on talking to girls and suggest some pickup lines to get the conversation started.
  2. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to schwellmo92 in A Talking point that targets Linus arguments about not receiving top of the line GPU cards for review. Literally giving his counter argument.   
    Can we get a tl;dr? I read the first paragraph, skimmed the rest and have no clue what you are talking about.
    EDIT: I just read it all, still no clue wtf you are rambling about.
  3. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to ragnarok0273 in Bitcoin is breaking records again.   
    I'm waiting for it to fall.
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    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from marcexeu in Threadripper 1950x @ 4ghz + RTX 3080 is enouth for 2560x1440 170hz monitor?   
    Depends on the title
  5. Agree
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from AluminiumTech in We told you so... - CD Projekt RED's management gets grilled by their staff over Cyberpunk 2077's rough launch   
    And I thought the RDR2 launch on PC was disastrous
    But hey, there is always room for worse i guess
  6. Agree
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from SAndreev in RX460/560 Compatability   
    Why not? As long as it has any form of pcie x16 slot which i will guess this board has..
  7. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Stahlmann in Are the 5000 series AMD CPUs worth it?   
    5600X is the best gaming CPU you can get without spending money on cores you don't need. I don't regret "downgrading" from a 3700X to a 5600X. Gaming performance is noticeably better and i never needed the extra 2 cores i got because i thought "maybe i need them in the future".
  8. Funny
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Crazy Ginger in 9 to 9 - AMD Radeon RX 6900XT launching   
    Oh look, a cool new graphics card.  Certainly going to be wanted by quite a few enthusiAND ITS GONE.
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    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from SAndreev in RX460/560 Compatability   
    2 or 3 are just the generations of the standard pcie. If you want to read more about it, just google pcie standard or something like that. The x16 or x8 gives you a number how many lanes the cpu uses to communicate with the gpu and together with the generation it multiplies to how much bandwidth is available
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    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from KyotoLolo in Help & advice : choosing my new monitor   
    Dell professional montiors (up series) is always a good budget-ish option, maybe take a look there
  11. Agree
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in is a lenovo laptop a good gaming computer? (if it cant run minecraft it belongs in the bin)   
    I mean thats the ultra lowest end... Dont expect more than using it for office. Or reduce every setting in minecraft, especially draw distance. And thats no fault  of lenovo, every laptop with that chip will run as slow.
    Good luck next year, you need to pay attention when they anounce it somewhere next year, nobody knows when it will be
  12. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Try as you might but - new Intel 8-core still behind AMD   
    I still won't say Intel isn't in a position where they can't compete. Certainty the difference isn't as bad as people hype it up to be. It's not like we're seeing FX vs Core iX performance differences. That was truly a scenario where one of the two competitors had zero chance. Yay more cores! Except... they weren't actually more cores... In fact it was sort of fewer cores compared to Phenom...
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    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from ColdPressCoconutOil in Future of Laptops in 2021 with Ryzen 5000 and Nvidia 3000   
    Just wait and see, nothing more to say
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    19_blackie_73 reacted to Alex Atkin UK in Is 5900x enough ?If not is 5950x enough?   
    Firstly, there is no reason NOT to use NVENC if you are getting a 3080.  Its been comparable to Medium x264 in quality since the 2000 series.

    Even so, a 5900x is probably more than enough, overkill even for any current game.
  15. Agree
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from Rooked in Why not more FPS?   
    You could be limitied because it uses only one core, to low of a resolution for the gpu to really have to do anything, bad optimization, game engine limitations,....
  16. Funny
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from Ankh Tech in Project Appletree - electric guitar build log   
    Hi one and all
    I think I start things of today. I thought it would be interesting for some people to follow a build log from a mad man with rudimentary luthier skills trying to build an electric guitar from scratch with some wood in the shed.
    Some background: I'm playing guitar since I'm 7 years old, so right now almost 15 years. Started of with classical guitar, soon went to a steel string, then entered the bigband of my local high school and been there for my whole school career, in this case from grade 5 to 12. Somewhere inbetween some mates and I started a band project and that's where I play most of the time, mostly funk in the style of Stevie Wonder, Phat Phunktion and Tower of Power.
    Recently I went to the shed of my grandpa, looking for something totally different and I stumbled across a piece of apple tree wood from an old tree he cut a few years back, right thickness for a e-guitar body and approx. 1m long. This piece is the dark part of the apple tree wood, and he had another piece of pale apple wood, approx. 1.2m long. The dark piece is around 10-15cm wide depending on the position, the pale piece ~9.5cm. So if I'd cut that dark piece up and plant it on both sides of the pale piece, this should give a nice body.
    Initially my thought was to only make the body, but then realised, the pale piece is more than long enough even make a neck out of it, so at the moment I am leaning towards a neck through guitar instead of a bolt on neck affair. Could get interesting, only played on bolt on neck guitars so far. Problem is, with a neck through I have to make my own fretboard and I don't have any experience with that at all. So could get very interesting very fast. Escape plan: try making my own fretboard and trying to carve the right neck profile and if I fail, curse and retire the neck trough idea, buy a neck from a Stratocaster and route a neck pocket.

    The only things I'm sure about a this stage of the project is:
    It will be natural finish everything will be apple, even the fretboard itself (though need to check that if that works) the dark goes on the outside, the pale on the inside trying a neck through design hard tail bridge no pickguard, the pickups will be in pockets of the plain wood  
    Things I need to find out:
    design? I am absolutely bad with that, guess I need some more inspiration as the body is kinda narrow. fretboard? call my local guitar specialist, talk with him about the whole fretboard thingy, maybe he can help Pickup configuration measurements that are vital for a functional instrument find out how to make all the holes for the cables when theres no pick guard.  
    Pickup configuration is probably at the moment the thoughest thing to decide. Thing is, I'm a strat guy, been playing them my whole guitar life and the sound fits. THOUGH I already have a strat that does the job good. Other option would be a pickup config like a e.g. Les Paul with two humbuckers, but I probably won't need that fatness of them for what I'm playing. Then there would be a Telecaster configuration, but I'm not sure about the sound and if I like it or not. If somebody has good ideas for that dilemma, enlighten me
    So that's the current state, I will be updating you with progress as soon as it happens. This is my first build log ever, so if there's something to improve, tell me, I'm trying to make it better If there's something unclear to non-guitar people, I'll try to expain it better, it's always hard to describe things in such way that everbody can come along on the journey but I'll do my best!
  17. Funny
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Den-Fi in Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 1TB or 980 pro 1TB   
    Just get the 970.
    No reason to spend the extra $80 for the 980.
    No one should be as irresponsible as me.
  18. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Levent in M1 macbook air any guesses on how the high temps will effect longevity of the device?   
    Here is the thing, its apples first chip design running at higher tdps. Its too early to predict anything. I wouldnt lose my sleep over temperatures. I personally do not care about chip temperatures at all unless its throttling, never have and I never killed a chip due to "temperature".
  19. Agree
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from Ankh Tech in ryzen 5 2600 should i cancel   
    Normally a 3600 should be the same price and much better performance...
    Edit: for example here: https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=4_64_1969&item_id=138215
    Though seems to be store pickup only
  20. Agree
    19_blackie_73 reacted to Blue4130 in Inno3D RTX 2060 running 300Mhz more than the rated boost clock   
    I run a 5600x and rtx2080 on a 550watt psu. You are fine. 
  21. Like
    19_blackie_73 reacted to MartialWarlock in Ssd vs hdd   
    Yeah looks likes these guys didn't saw i5 7200u...ok thanks man...i have even render resolution dropped to 70% my game runs fine after 1 or 2 matches
  22. Informative
    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from Acompletenoob in Lifespand of Laptops?   
    Don't use it on clothes like sitting with it on the lap or having it directly on the bed, give it room to breathe, dont bang it everywhere, dont eat over it, dont flood it, use it with clean hands, all things you consider common sense, clean it regularly...
  23. Funny
    19_blackie_73 reacted to willies leg in New bluetooth hack to easily steal a Tesla model X in minutes   
    All I need to steal any car would be a forklift and a flatbed. Easy peasy.
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    19_blackie_73 reacted to nickbg321 in Should I go for the ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 2TB?   
    I've ordered one, hopefully I'm not too late and it hasn't already sold out. Thanks guys!
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    19_blackie_73 got a reaction from nickbg321 in Should I go for the ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 2TB?   
    I highly doubt you'll ever miss speed with those drives