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  1. They arnt APs they are PTP antennas that link the two site as if it was a Ethernet cable. The link ink works if I just plug it into the lab but I want to be able to set failover via the pfsense box.
  2. Hi there yes it is a PTP Wi-Fi link via 2x antenas. These were put in by a third part but they work as if it is just a normal ethernet cable I don’t have any ability to change the setup of these.
  3. Hi there thanks for the response and I have the VPN side sorted already using IPSec it’s just the Wi-Fi link between the two site I’m struggling with as I want to be able to failover to this in the event of vpn/internet loss. So uses won’t loose access to the servers any either site and potentially be able to use the internet at the other end. If that makes any sense at all ? thanks David
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of setting up 2x pfsense boxes for 2 sites. The sites both have there own internet connection and are currently connected via a VPN. My aim is to have the vpn link setup via the wan but also want to use the wifi link as a failover or another way for the sites to communicate. I had the wifi backbone setup as a static network and created a gateway so we could set it to do this but obviously i didn't think about how the networks either side would see each over. So really what im asking is how would be go about having a wifi link between the site
  5. brill thanks, this san will only be connected to 1 server to start with and potentially 1 additional later down the line. Would that still be alright or will I need a switch regardless? if you what switch?
  6. Thanks for the reply, when im looking at the sfp 10g card they are considerably cheaper than the ones that i have been looking at. I don't suppose you have a link to any that would work with the SAN above? this is for a client that is around 300+ and numerous servers. Would you recommend anything else?
  7. Hi Guys, Need a bit of help I have been tasked with looking for the correct PCI cards that will work with the below SAN and also what cables i need: San: MSA 2052 iscsi 10GB Need the Card for a ML350 Gen 10 to connect to the 10gb iscsi I have spent hours looking for the relevant card and cable I need to connect this san to 1 server for a client. I know that I some people will say I shouldn't be touching what I don't understand but this is for a client and this is how you learn ;D any help would be a massive help as I need to have som
  8. Hi Guys, Looking at upgrading one of my monitors as I fancy having a monitor with a bigger resolution than 1080, I've been looking for a decent 27" IPS for around the £250 - £350 mark. It will be used for just the standard stuff and the occasional photo editing as I'm starting to take more of an interest in that side of things again and potentially I'll end up laying some games again at some point but more just surfing the net and playing with VM's and ubuntu I have been looking around at some different options and I have them below I would just like people opinions as
  9. Turns out that both the boards i revived had the same fault so the new motherboard solved the problem.
  10. Checked the compatibility before i bout it and also heard from someone that used that board with the memory that i had selected for the build
  11. Cause the cpu was more expensive and more difficult to get replaced quickly. also both the motherboards that i have received both appeared to have been previously opened.
  12. I have ordered this board to continue testing, i have used the board before and i know it fairly over powered.
  13. There is no on board speaker but i have tried using a volt meter to measure anything coming from them pins which there isn't. I have also cleared it afew times on both the motherboards i have tried.
  14. There is no on board speaker but i have tried using a volt meter to measure anything coming from them pins which there isn't. I have also cleared it afew times on both the motherboards i have tried.
  15. I have built it external to the case purely for that reason cause I've had that on a build I did afew years ago. But the system won't post at all just turns on for about 10-15 seconds then turns off again.