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  1. Yes that did work! But does this mean that I have to repeat this process everytime I want to save something? And how does extracting work because thats the bit where i don't get to choose where it extracts.
  2. Hi everyone, Yet another problem with my MacPro... Regarding my last post, I did eventually manage to reinstall OSX El Capitan on the mac pro, but now that it all works, I still get some problems. I use this mac for music recording and I use Pro Tools 12.6 as my main DAW. When I create new music, you can save it as a folder with the Pro Tools file, the audiofiles etc. Normally on my windows pc and my macbook pro I can save it wherever I want (desktop, downloads, documents you name it), but the Mac Pro gives me the notification that those folders do not exist. I reall
  3. How do you do that? I just use mac for recording and mixing so i haven't really tried anything fancy like this before. Only on Windows so a little guide would be awesome!
  4. Hi everyone, I just started working in a new musicrecordingstudio where they gave me a used mac pro to work on. Trouble is, the previous owner has formatted te ssd where el capitan was installed. If i try to boot it, I get 4 options: Resetting with help of a time machine (there are no time machine files found), Install OsX again, search for help online and diskmanager. I've tried all the options and none of them work. When i try to install El Capitain, it just gives te error that "your product could not be retreived right now". My thoughts were to make a timemachine cop
  5. I have been using an OCZ Vertex 120gb SSD with my system but i seems to be crashing a lot. So i was thinking of upgrading to a new one. My only problem is that i have no installationdisc of windows.. I first downloaded it (illigaly my apologies ) and bought an upgradekey afterwards. Do I have to buy Windows again or is there any way i could use my current legal key?
  6. my bad. it's the i5 3470 back to the gpu, thanks for the advice! i sure will consider that extra 30 euro's
  7. the r9 270x is around 180 euro's in the Netherlands (where I live ) but what is the biggest difference between these 2 cards?
  8. As a student I simply cannot afford great big graphicscards. Therefore I was snooping around on the internet and I found the EVGA gtx 750ti ftw edition. It costs around 150 euro's and there are some youtubers who have tested this card and have given their opinion, but I still hope the Linuscommunity can give me the ultimate advice. Please help me guys. Down here are the specs of my pc: Asus Maximus V Gene Motherboard Intel i5 3470 cpu 8gb kingston valueRAM 1333Ghz DDR3 memory Cooler master GX 750w bronze power supply