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Posts posted by Bruce14357

  1. guys pls help me....I have a Full HD 1080P TV.I want to use it as monitor..

    So how can i set it up like when i switch on TV it will act as nomal Tv but when i press PC swich on button it act as monitor..should i use TV tuner or HDMI.?

    also i dont have another monitor to setup Tv screen so question is when i will connect PC to Tv via HDMI cable it will directly work or am i supposed to configure ???i dont have another monitor to configure display....answer pls

  2. One more thing i wanna know that.....Great PC builders like Linus.....Where did they learnt about Hardline custom Liquid cooling...also he is tech. expert...

    is there any course or I have to learn it from internet..?

  3. Hey ......I wanted to become a Computer assembler....Wanted to make High end Pc with Custom liquid cooling...

    So i just wanna know that is there Any engineering Degree i should take like Computer engee..Or Computer science...

    Or just take a Coure but i dont know which course should or wjich education should i take to be...Grat assembler and Computer Moder