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  1. Keychron is a pretty decent shout. Considering they're not bad wirelessly and most of the boards now have hot swappable versions, so if you don't like a certain switch you can just get a tester, finder which switch you like the most and buy some to swap out on the board. Been using a K8 here for awhile with hot swappable switches, got some Gateron Yellows+Blacks on the way for me to try.
  2. May look into that if it's actually hurting my performance, considering everything still runs perfectly fine I think I'll just shove it down as "SLI is a bitch" for now. Cheers anyway
  3. Only 1920x1080 60hz, just ran a little Witcher3 for another game comparison. GPU2 is basically locked at top Clockspeed, GPU1 does also get there but drops off now and then. But usage is more or less equal. Starting to think that it's just a querk of SLI. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ http://prntscr.com/bhkxav http://prntscr.com/bhkxp6
  4. i7-4790k, so I doubt it's a CPU bottleneck. In hindsight I completely forgot to post the rest of my specs which would of helped, i7-4790k - 4.6Ghz MSI Sabertooth Mk1 Z97 MoBo x2 GTX 970s 16Gb RAM
  5. Hi all, Just got a quick query for anyone who's used to OCing SLI set ups, from what I've read up already I think that this is totally fine as I've noticed 0 performance decreases (as of yet) so let me get to the point. My rig currently runs on x2 GTX 970s in SLI, during overclocking a week or so ago I noticed that both GPU's overclock rather nicely but during performance testing after overclocking I noticed that GPU1 wasn't boosting as high/under as much usage as GPU2. Although on Unigine everything looks fine stats wise, both boost up to the same but GPU1 still lags a
  6. Also it's good to make sure you've not plugged your monitor into the motherboard instead of the GPU. Had a friend who did that.. that was pretty funny when he realized.