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    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from Allmonor in Z97 Mainboard sets Auto Vcore to 1.44V? I7-4790K   
    you are fine whatever you set under 1.4V basically.
    look to see if you have any LLC on, that might be it or it could just be that the BIOS is just crap
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to WereCatf in YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel   
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  3. Informative
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to Master Disaster in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    For those looking for a more technical analysis, here's a breakdown from one of the Mint dev team
    So the bug stems from a fix for another bug in Xserver, I guess that explains why nobody picked it up until it made it into the wild.
    Pretty funny it was found by kids mashing keys on their dads laptop though 😄
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to WereCatf in [Updated #1][Rumour] Intel and NVIDIA had an internal agreement that blocked the development of laptops with AMD Renoir and GeForce RTX 2070 and above   
    Even the Bible has that one passage about Jesus lamenting about his fancy, new laptop not having a beefy NVIDIA GPU in it because it was using an AMD GPU and how the three wise men tried to console him.
  6. Agree
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to Morgan MLGman in [Updated #1][Rumour] Intel and NVIDIA had an internal agreement that blocked the development of laptops with AMD Renoir and GeForce RTX 2070 and above   
    Not even close, PCIe 3.0 8x is still enough, especially for mobile GPUs which are slower than their desktop counterparts.
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to BuckGup in Ultra fast Ultra book Ultra competition - AMD @ CES 2021   
    Oooof I'll wait for proper benchmarks but Intel is in a bad spot if they loose the market for mobile devices too
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to That Franc in Ubiquiti Suffers Data Breach   
    The fact that they came forward and notified their users of a potential breach is quite refreshing, and the recommendations are very sound.
  9. Like
    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from CarlBar in cat thread   
    Her name is My, she bites and scratches quite a bit but when she isn't doing that or sleeping she is aggressively cuddling me
  10. Funny
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to AndreiArgeanu in Intel’s Stacked Nanosheet Transistors Could Be the Next Step in Moore’s Law   
    Does that mean that cpu's will become THICC?
  11. Agree
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to DrMacintosh in Hate seeing the camera cutout on Samsung devices? TOO BAD!!   
    Womp womp. Still glad I don’t have a phone with a notch. 
  12. Funny
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to TetraSky in Hate seeing the camera cutout on Samsung devices? TOO BAD!!   
    They didn't remove it. It's a new feature they are trying. Called "fuck you and enjoy our notch".
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    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in What branch of engineering should I opt for ?   
    If you want to do chip design then electrical engineering.
    Hope you like maaaaths 😄
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to Commodus in Voat.co, a social media website Shutdown their services on Christmas   
    I have a feeling this thread could very easily go off the rails given the nature of Voat, but I'll try to keep it on topic.
    It's not at all surprising that sites like Voat, 8chan, Parler and Gab struggle and sometimes die. If you create a site with effectively no rules, you just create a haven for the people kicked off other platforms... and surprise, those people are often extremely toxic. And when a community is dominated by toxic people, everyday people will just stick to the moderated spaces.
    In short: these sites are rarely the utopian dreams they're portrayed to be, and more-than-the-minimum content moderation frequently helps.
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to WereCatf in Is it ok to plug a monitor directly to the wall outlet?   
    If these voltage-fluctuations are drops in voltage, sure. If, however, they are voltage-spikes, then yes, you'll need to protect the displays as well.
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to LAwLz in {Updated} GoDaddy scamming its employees out of a bonus   
    Not sure what I was expecting when I opened this thread but I wasn't expecting a bunch of people mad that they failed a real world security test. It was a bit poor taste maybe, but I mean, you are a real risk to the company and its customers if you open suspicious emails asking you to fill out personal info in exchange for free money. 
    I see a lot of people also talk about if the email was sent from an internal or external email address and I don't really get why. Phising emails can be sent from internal emails too. It has happened plenty of times before. Someone gets their computer infected and all of a sudden their computer is sending out emails to everyone in their contact lists, including others at the same company. Happens all the time. 
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    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from Sebarobbie in is my motherboard dead?   
    I mean if you think it's the connection, just short the power button pins with a screwdriver or something to check?
  18. Agree
    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in {Updated} GoDaddy scamming its employees out of a bonus   
    scammers dont pull any punches, why make phishing tests weak by not playing all the strings?
    I get that the people who fell for it are mad, but you already knew you were not getting a bonus, why would they backpedal asking for your details?
  19. Agree
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to Grabhanem in {Updated} GoDaddy scamming its employees out of a bonus   
    Alternate perspective: a real phishing scam would pull no punches in appealing to every emotional weakness, so it would be irresponsible to make your tests weaker. That would only teach people to think "oh, this would be really mean if it were a scam, so it must not be."
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to RogueSpecter in Im so pissed   
    Ill try that cooler looks good when the refund comes through ofc
  21. Informative
    Bananasplit_00 got a reaction from FloRolf in Im so pissed   
    Am3+ has two mounting styles, the stock tabs and a four hole pattern like any Intel platform. Think the dude is looking for am3+ coolers that mount to the holes instead of the tabs as he dosnt seem to have any
  22. Funny
    Bananasplit_00 reacted to WaggishOhio383 in KFC releases it's own Gaming Console, possibly faster than XBox or Playstation... oh and it warms Chicken   
    *While frying chicken*
    "Man, I wonder why my CPU and GPU idle temps are so high?"
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    Bananasplit_00 reacted to pythonmegapixel in ISPs are no longer allowed to charge rental fees for stuff that consumers own   
    Yet another round of "wait, this was a thing in America?"
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