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  1. https://www.fs.com/de-en/products/87603.html I found these adapter that saying they working up to 80m i would be good solution in mine case
  2. So if i understand it correctly they going to work like signal booster ?
  3. I HAVE TO use cat6a cable because all holes used with wiring already closed and i can't open then again so am stuck with Cat6a cable only
  4. Asus XG-U2008 is unmanaged switch and i need managed switches. I one house am only have sfp+ ports available in another i have switch with 10gbe rj45 ports.
  5. Hello, We have Two houses they located close to each other so around 30m. Stretch cable ( 6a category ) between house thinking in future I gonna use cable to connected houses with 10gbe networking cable length ( 46 m. ). I have bought two MikroTik CRS326-24G-2S+RM they have sfp+ port but sfp+ adapters only support 10gbe up to 30m ( and mine distance is 46m.) Can I use MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM Rj45 10gbe port from one side and MikroTik CRS326-24G-2S+RM with sfp+ adapter from another side to overcome this issue? And I have to use this 6a cable.
  6. am asking if lose charge if its plug in and playing something not demanding like movie because mine gpd win loses charge then its plug in and playing youtube video or something similar . i just wondering if p2 max have same trouble
  7. Hi , I was thinking of buying small computer i can use just to remote into computer , watch videos , respond to emails and write documents. I have gpd win devices a love it a lot but thing i hate if was charging devices and playing same time its discharge. I wonder if some gpd p2 max user had same experience because if this devices discharges will using it its quite disappointing. Another question p2 max have USB c port so i can just buy USB c adapter to HDMI and use external display to watch videos while am traveling ?
  8. If anyone intrested and having same problem i just used site to site vpn on unifi controller to solve my problem . Its leaps better than openvpn solution
  9. So i have problem i want to set up site to site VPN between two house simple as possible i don't really verse in command lines and networking expertise two homes on seperative internet providers and but have to save equipment usg and two ap pro. and bought site have local unifi controlers SItea - > rasberry pi siteB->ubuntu server on SiteB -> i have openvpn Server setup on my unraid box ( but duuno if it helps ) Could using cloud key i be able setup two sites without port forwarding my cloud key or exposing my network?
  10. well if it blocking vpn port why it works then i using phone hostpot then phone connected to cottage wifi . am just using default openvpn port
  11. Hello, Am always using VPN to connect to my LAN network remotely, to grab files or just work with my server from the university. My setup for practically anywhere . But my setup fails then i in my parent's cottage. My vpn just dont work dunno why . it only works then i using my hotspot from my phone ( but my phone using cottage wifi ) . maybe has any ideas why its happening ? Another question i want to ask how to set up site to site unifi vpn network and how to use it ? and how to get Shared Secret Key from my openvpn server :? Thanks in advance ^^
  12. No , too much power draw in my optinion am talking about little dell like optiplex . There i live its kinda healtly second hand market soo you can pick up like for 50 for ( dell optiplex 960 with 8 gb ram and duo core )
  13. My first nas experience was on 30 euros dell oem , and one hdd cost was under 100 . of course its bad practice and nobody and linus allways saying u need backup but if you just getting started its good option. because in my country pi cost around 60 euru...
  14. main pc ( unraid , virtualization server), it's in the same room I sleep so I never leave it running 24/7h . so i thinking using remotely sonnar running in seedbox along with deluge, but i running in problem how to link my media seedbox with my unraid server. my seedbox capacity only 300gb so i can't store all my media in seedbox. Syncthing sync media perfectly, but I don't delete files in my seedbox. But then I move my media to another folder than sync Sonnar stop sync Maybe somebody has idea how use sonnar in seedbox then download files from seedbox a
  15. if you dont want spec much money i suggest looking in x79 platform you can buy cheap motherboards and cpu . and reused ddr3 ram .