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  1. Well Japanese visual novels/galge/eroge tends to be wierd like that, some won't run if its not a genuine japanese windows 7 install, some have bugs on windows 10 or won't run properly at all. Then there's one of my favorite real time translation tools that doesn't work on 10...
  2. I want to install windows 7 on one of my spare machines for some visual novels and wanted to test out before hand if i can get one of my wireless controllers to work properly with it.
  3. Hi I'm on windows 10 and want to test some windows 7 drivers and bluetooth connectivity of a gamepad through a usb Bluetooth dongle, is this possible with a windows 7 VM (i have vmware but i can go for something else to if it helps me test this)
  4. Wow as a shoot in the dark i decided to browse gamespot and the feature is properly back: https://www.gamespot.com/games/pc/new-games/?date=2020-8-2 You can browse games based on release weeks both going foward and backward, though you gotta now fiddle with the URL to jump back longer, but that's a small inconvenience.
  5. Just in hopes i wont get someone else telling me about upgrading to 10, i got 3 machines i need 7 on just one them for some stuff and tests, considering what i'm going to be using it for i could probably go without an AV, but just to be safe i wanted a bare minimum protection, that's why the request.
  6. Thank you then i guess i will test this 3 then: Kaspersky Free Cloud Security Sohpos Home Free Avira (Though something tells me avira will be the first one to go if they still got those annoying ads)
  7. I thought it was dropped, does it still update its definitions ? I just want some basic virus/malware protection, i had enough of windows 10 for now, maybe come the next release of LTSC i will move but not earlier.
  8. Hi i'm looking for a place to check up game releases for PC calendaristically by week or month if possible, and to be possible to browse both by moving to future weeks or past dates. In the distant past gamespot had this feature but they killed it with a site update...
  9. Hi, i'm looking for a lightweight antivirus for my windows 7 install, it doesn't have to be the best one out there, "decent" will do fine for me, my priorities with it are: Lightweight (as previously mentioned) It has to have a good exclusion system, both by folder/drive and file (not like bitdefender where i exclude a drive and it still deletes/quarantine stuff from it the moment i access it) It be nice if such a thing was available for free, but i wont get my hopes up, those 2 points above are my priorities.
  10. Thank you finally a clear answer on this
  11. I searched online but this was never really clear, i know that defender is definitely missing some components compared to the other windows versions like pro and enterprise, but i never managed to clearly find if the base windows defender antivirus is still available in LTSC or not.
  12. Well after much consideration, i decided to patch up my current headphones (luckily i managed to find a seller for spare earpads, as for the upward piece i'll patch it up with a hand made cover or something). And come spring i'll just buy the Arctis Pro Wireless headset which should have good quality while also being of course wireless.