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    Intel i7-8700k @5GHz
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    Asus ROG Maximus X Formula
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    RTX 2080Ti
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    1/2 PHANTEKS Enthoo Luxe (falling apart)
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    Samsung 970 EVO 500GB, Crucial MX500 500GB
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    Windows10 PRO 64bit

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  1. When you switch your complete platform you should do a fresh Windows install.
  2. Gamers Nexus explained that they have seen this with every Intel gen. With maxed out GPU load they perform just better compared to AMD.
  3. i bet Intel wish they could do that. I guess they dont do "tick tock" because they simple cant improve as much within the small time frame anymore.
  4. well, AMD isnt that much ahead with the 5000 series in gaming performance. The Ryzen 3000series gap to Intels 10series was way bigger than that, everyone reasonable would atleast expect a back and forth for the gaming crown now, thats for sure. No matter how "bad" Rocket Lake is gonna be, it will take the gaming crown back, the question is by how much? And can AMD take the gaming crown back after Rocket Lake again and force Intel to rush out Alder Lake? But productivity? Well that looks very Bad for Intel and nobody can predict if this is ever going to change again on the mainstream pl
  5. Ah well next year things can look different again anyways... My bet is that Alder Lake will kill it. And i dont really need to upgrade since then. Unless AMD or Intel pulls something out of their sleeves that is atleast 20% faster in gaming, then im interessted.
  6. who cares about what brand is written on the products. Just gimme moar FPS, for less money and with big availabitly.
  7. Yea well see, its not Intel vs AMD. Its processor x vs y. And the 7600k did suck. Nobody would denie that. So congratz to your dad, glad he finally found something good. Because that is all what matters.
  8. Ryzen also still has problems with clock speeds. But to compare Ryzen with Xeons is just trying "hard" to find anything positive to say. Same topic as with stating something about that 8700k wouldnt excist without AMD, infact it was more than 2years in development, long before any Ryzen CPU was released. And this has nothing to do with AMD. But regardless, from this i get your standpoint, you are not objective on the topic. Thats why the conversation ends here. Id rather talk about facts not fiction. PS: If you would really think about it, the i7 5820k was
  9. Did they really? Ive seen people upgrading from r5 1600 to r5 2600 to r5 3600. In that time i havnt bought anything with going for Intels 8700k and its still faster.
  10. A 16core processor is only valuable for a very small niche of consumers. Apart from that 16core CPUs arent new, bringing them to a Mainstream Plattform for a lesser price due to being produced more efficiently (cheaper) is not going to change alot for most poeple. What you mean with "per-core speeds" is not clear, please elaborate.
  11. Nothing new, we knew that 5000series would only trade blow with comet lake in gaming since Ashes of Singularity Benchmark leaks and AMDs own announcement show, they pointed out an average of 7% higher gaming performance compared to a non overclocked 10900k with slow RAM. If you ask me nobody won, AMD didnt, Intel didnt, and we as consumer for sure didnt win either. (especially considering price bumps) Its 3 Years ago already since Coffeelake got released and gaming performance still isnt climbing more than single digit % since then.
  12. Apparently somebody swapped your PC for one with an Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200 and a Radeon HD6870.