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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in RX 6800 Troubleshooting / game 'quirks'?   
    Sorry that took a while to respond. That took a while to test. Conclusion though, no change. 
    Attempted Freesync in basic mode (Monitor settings)
    Attempted Freesync in Extended mode (Monitor settings)
    paired both of the above with variable refresh rate enabled in Windows. 
    paired both of the above with variable refresh disabled in Windows. 
    Attempted turning off "Freesync Pro" in the Radeon software itself. 
    Attempted disabling Freesync all together in Radeon Software, Windows, and monitor settings...

    And I get the dreaded hitch... I wish I had an Nvidia Card to compare with. FML 

    Thanks for the ideas anyway, @Letgomyleghoe. I wouldn't have thought of enabling / disabling freesync 

    As far as what the clocks are, @Falkentyne when I die in COD, I'm not sure. Haven't looked but I'll get back to you on that.
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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in RX 6800 Troubleshooting / game 'quirks'?   
    Cancel that. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to change it when typing in "Edit power plan" in the search bar, but I was able to change it simply by navigating to it via the classic control panel. >.>. Okay! Testing now.
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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in RX 6800 Troubleshooting / game 'quirks'?   
    Good catch! I forgot to change that back after re-install. It's currently balanced. I will update in 20-30 minutes, but I don't have high hopes! 😃
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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from Pachuca in Radiator Acid Soak / Bath (Muriatic Acid)   
    So I tried a lot of things. I tried running 20% vinegar with water, I even tried around FORTY DROPS of muriatic acid  along with water. Keep in mind, the drops went directly from a syringe straight into the rad that was about half full of water. The rad is a double 140mm and even after letting the forty drops with water sit for around 7 hours, I was not happy with my results. This is after I attempted a weak vinegar mix, boiling water, a heavier vinegar mix... Improvement was there but way too slow. After all of the above, the first image below was the result. Still tons of discoloration and corrosion...  So finally I said F*** IT. I grabbed the jug of acid which has a 29% acidity level, and I just dumped it in... straight. Nothing else. I let it sit for 30 seconds, poured in just a splash of distilled and shook for another 30 seconds... I wish I did this a lot sooner because you can't argue with the results. Previously the liquid was coming out clear or with just a slight blue tint. After the acid bath, it came out black. I'm so happy with the results, but keep in mind, I can easily see this damaging your rad if you're not careful. There's no way it even sat in my rad for more than 2 minutes. I imagine this could easily eat a hole in one of the copper walls if you're not on top of it. Here is the before and after. Keep in mind, the before is still AFTER I tried vinegar, boiling water, and drops of acid with not much success. 


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    227167_1454181677 reacted to PlayCrackTheSky in 1080 Silicon Lottery Winner?   
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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from ImBleu in Inwin 805 Airflow   
    Unfortunately they are looks before performance but at least this was easily remedied =)
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    227167_1454181677 got a reaction from cedge206 in Inwin 805 Airflow   
    Uhh, yes and no. I mean yes there is room at the bottom for the fans to pull air. Thr problem is that the bottom is still inside the case... So the only fresh air you'll get is from the honeycomb. If they pull air from the bottom, that's just coming from the bottom of the rad mount which is still inside the case. But yea, to not light the honeycomb would be a crime. I'd personally just get the screws from the hardware store.