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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Levent in How big should my OS drive be?   
    I too vote for 60G minimum for OS and 120G for comfortable usage.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Pixelfie in CPU benchmark/stress test with no operating system   
    Most Linux based OS's allow you to run off an SD/USB/DVD. Since you said 2gb, I'd recommend something like Linux Lite (1.4GB). Some laptops & prebuilts also have these tests built into the BIOS. If you want to use the SD, chances are you're going to need a USB to SD converter, because not all systems can boot directly off SD.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Help With Cpus   
    probably not, by the time pcie 3 becomes a bit limit, the cpus and gpus will be much more of a limit
    Id get this, cheapest by a good amount, about the same or better in games, and plenty faster for video editing and streaming
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Eigenvektor in Can Intel core i3 run 240hz monitor like BENQ XL2456   
    Both components are fairly low end, so it's unlikely you'll get stable 240 fps in most games to be able to make full use of a 240 Hz monitor.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Hugs12343 in Just realised my cooler has been installed slightly off centre for the past 3 and a half years   
    In the pictures, I unhooked the lever for the cooler. So don't worry.
    Temps have been fine for the past 3 and a half years. Never getting above 70C in Aussies hot climate.
    Interested to see how it performs, if any different with the cooler mounted properly. I need to get some more thermal paste first though. Will update.
    Check your coolers!!! What a noob I was to pc building 4 years ago.

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    NunoLava1998 reacted to WaggishOhio383 in Is an (Some type of CPU) good for a Minecraft Server   
    I think OP is making a list of CPUs they are considering and asking for input, rather than listing CPUs they would recommend to other people.
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    NunoLava1998 got a reaction from FakeKGB in Moderators on the Forum   
    I have no idea why this thread about how to get mod just turned into general off-topic stuff after 770 pages but it's amusing
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to mariushm in Short survey please help   
    Some comments ...
    office pc vs gaming pc vs workstation pc
    By workstation pcs a lot of people think of certified video cards (quadro , radeon pro etc) and often ecc memory which are expensive and often not needed, unless required explicitly by some software (autocad, 2d and 3d rendering rendering etc)
    Some people will say they want a workstation pc but they'll actually think about a pc that can be used to render youtube videos or encode and stream to Twitch, so it would be best to ask for how they plan to use the pc.
    These days, a lot of office pcs can have a second role as a gaming pc ... there's quite a few processors with integrated graphics that can play modern games. Adding a video card will often bring a computer close to the performance of a "gaming pc"
    If you do decide to start up a business i would suggest these strongly
    Please please please don't give in and resort to building computers with 20 pound power supplies or power supplies that came with the case, to make more profit. It will come back and byte you in the ass. If you care about reputation, you're better off losing a potential sale than selling systems that people will be pissed about in a year or two when the power supplies fail, or the fans in the power supply start to be vibrate or crap out.
    Find some cheap stuff from manufacturers with good reputation and don't accept worse product to make it cheaper.
    Do the same for keyboards. Rather than including a free keyboard, you'll be better off not including something cheap that will frustrate the buyer daily. I'd say don't even stock anything that costs less than 10-15 pounds. My previous keyboard was a 11 pounds Microsoft Wired 600 keyboard, now I use a 20-25 pounds Logitech k280e keyboard.
    If people come to order in store, have a bunch of cheap keyboard models in store and let people try typing on them and let them decide what keyboard feels best for them. It take a few more minutes for someone to place an order but you'll most likely gain a repeat customer.
    Unless you get a motherboard with only 2 memory slots and buyer picks low amount of memory, always try to install 2 sticks of ram, for dual channel mode, it's free performance. 
    Maybe consider offering something like "we will buy back the memory sticks if you want to upgrade to more memory" kinda deal for those that will pick motherboards with only 2 memory slots.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Natty Ice in What is the best gaming pc that runs 4k 144hz with ease? Please list all the parts.   
    4K144 is a pretty high bar for most games, graphics-wise a GeForce 3080 or 3090 would be ideal but a Radeon 6800XT or 6900XT would be good too. For CPU a Ryzen 5800X or i7 10700K would be a good fit. For memory I'd go with 32GB of 3600Mhz, preferably low-latency. And for storage 1TB or 2TB NVMe. And you'll need a good quality 850W PSU to power it all. 
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Radium_Angel in Under constant attack online   
    So who'd you piss off?
    It's a valid question. Someone had a grudge against you. 
    Don't go with the usual security answers next time, make shit up, be unpredictable.
    Are you certain your system is clean? Might be time to do a nuke and pave and start from fresh
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to AnirbanG007 in Which 3 SSD's   
    If I may take the liberty to voice my opinions, I'd say probably none of these (I don't have a ton of knowledge about Barracuda). I'm not a 100% sure of the pricings in UK but in India, the 1 TB QVO model costs about the same as a 1 TB MX500 from Crucial. At these prices a QLC is not really recommended unless it gets drastically cheaper. The Western Digital Green is DRAMless and wouldn't be a good choice for a boot SSD, for storage, it's okay. For storage, any TLC SSD from a reputable manufacturer is okay.
    For boot, the MX500 is both equipped with a dram cache which is recommended and is also TLC and doesn't cost a ton like the Samsung 860 Evo.
    Basically, you would be good with a WD Blue, MX500, 860 Evo, whatever you find cheapest on the day of purchase, they all perform about the same when you actually use them.
    For storage purposes, I'd recommend these as well as other DRAMless SSD's like Adata SU650, WD Green, (the 960 GB variant of bx500 uses QLC, so no)
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to mariushm in Which 3 SSD's   
    I wouldn't. But the WD Green series is not particularly great either.
    The Samsung drives are using QLC memory which is worse than TLC ... The WD Green is using TLC memory chips which have better endurance, but it's a really cut down model so it suffers from slow writes. 
    The QLC memory is also very slow, slower than TLC, but Samsung makes up for it by using some of the memory in pseudo-SLC mode so if you don't write very big files to the SSD you don't notice it, the files are written fast and then when the SSD is idle, the files are moved into QLC memory area.
    The WD Blue at 89 pounds would  be a better value than all models : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073SBQMCX
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to SupaKomputa in Short survey please help   
    well if you asked that kind of questions in here, may not be the right place, as most of people here want to build it them self.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Atessin4 in Is it dum to opgrade?   
    I'd say you can hold on to your 6700 for a little longer if you aren't playing anything else than csgo. If you need to upgrade - upgrade, otherwise it's not a good time to buy any PC components because of the hoarders and the pandemic and the shortages.
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    NunoLava1998 got a reaction from leadeater in M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap   
    I have an M1 Mac (8/256) and this seems like a horribly designed swap algorithm more than anything. The SMART data is accurate and in line with what Activity Monitor shows.
    If you keep a RAM-intensive application open (such as a game or a video-editing application) and it's kept in swap, it will write far more than it needs to. You could keep a more intensive application running, doing absolutely nothing at all (open but idle), and it will use your disk at 100-200MB/s, constantly.
    It also doesn't help that macOS absolutely hogs RAM; it uses 1-2GB for 'cached files', you have to Ctrl+Q a program if you want it to actually quit (and free RAM) instead of just hide in the dock, etc.
    This results in stupidly high swap usage all-around, and it's why Activity Monitor says I've used 1.1TB of disk in 11 hours when my screen time is 90% Chrome and Discord when all I've done is just kept DaVinci Resolve running.
    However, if the SMART endurance data is to be believed, the endurance is around 2PBW for the 250GB.. so it's not too bad.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to just_dave in M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap   
    Believe what you want, but Activity Monitor, which is an Apple-made app reports the same numbers as how the SMART reading increases.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Bombastinator in Apple ARM is superior?   
    Then a few years instead of a few months.  complaints will still likely be epic though.   A bomb on a longer timer but no less explosive.
  19. Funny
    NunoLava1998 got a reaction from Sauron in Apple ARM is superior?   
    I'd like to mention that while the new M1 CPUs are fast and pretty innovative, one big reason for macOS being fast with them is that for some reason it overuses swap.
    It overuses swap so much.
    Oh god make it stop
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to colshyr in ny 1st ever pc build - NOT for gaming ( hence why theres no GPU )   
    Budget (including currency): £550 approx
    Country: UK
    Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: browsing, streaming, emails, a couple of small games i play to kill time
    Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 
    Intel i5 10400 CPU
    MSi B460M Pro-VDH Mobo
    Hyper x Fury RGB 16GB RAM
    Intel 660p 512gb M.2 nvme
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
    Be Quiet! System Power 9 500W 80+ Bronze PSU
    Aero Cool Aero One Mini Eclipse RGB Case
    Invision Gas Monitor Mount
    already had : MS wireless keyboard & mouse - 24" curved Samsung 1080p Monitor - HP Envy 4250 printer - PS4 - logitech speakers

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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Pirulax in guys why is windows defender eating so much ram?   
    The easiest way to fix this problem is to buy some more RAM. It seems to me that you have like 4 GB of RAM, which really just wont cut it in 2021.
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to minibois in Intel or Amd ?   
    Depends on the pricing of both options (and their respective motherboard options).
    Nowadays, Intel and AMD has the same amount of cores and threads across the different product stacks, except for the Ryzen 9 vs i9, where AMD does have more cores/threads.
    Previously AMD had been known as the option for editing, simply because of the extra cores/threads they provided, but nowadays I don't find it as clear of an option.
    Because of the currently smaller differences and depenency of price, the only way to answer "AMD vs. Intel" is by also knowing:
    - The budget
    - The local pricing (of motherboards and CPU's)
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to lexusgamer05 in Good linux screen recorder? (Solus)   
    OBS is the best in my opinion. It's also FOSS if that's important to you. https://obsproject.com/
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to Eigenvektor in What cross platform development to use   
    I don't think OP is interested in game development…
    One possibility would be Flutter, which is a cross-platform dev-kit developed by Google and is based on the Dart language. Though it is fairly new and has some quirks (imho).
    Their are a fair few, each with their own pros and cons:
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    NunoLava1998 reacted to WereCatf in Wtf is WindowsFormsApp1?   
    "WindowsFormsApp1" is the default name for apps made in Visual Studio. It's not a specific app, so there is no way of saying what you have running on your system; it's just an app someone has programmed.