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  1. Thanks for your reply She has a netbook and its really crap but until i buy her a new laptop I would like for her to have a place for some light graphics work like Gimp and Inkscape... nothing fancy... + I am coding an invoicing app for her as she is starting a small business and I would like to have a customer, order and invoice database. With the database... perhaps I should just buy a slot somewhere.. but I have so much hardware at home Radislav
  2. Dear All. I would like to ask you all for a piece of advice. I would like to have my workstation accessible via RDP from a remote location. I don't want to have a public IP though. I have heard somewhere that there is an option to do something called dymaicDNS and that you have to buy a domain or something like that. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or can anyone tell me how to do it? I am not doing that just for the rdp connection but I want some additional database access in the near future as well. (thats why i dont want just a teamviewer or anydesk handle) I think
  3. Dear Beloved Community I am turning to you again and I seek help. My friend has connected his External USB had drive to an Android device and accidentally formatted the contents. I have advised him to disconnect the drive and prevent any writes to the drive. In order to recover the data, we have tried Recuva and a whole bunch of other software but it turns out its quite a minefield. Almost everything can find the data, but it charges a hefty sum to recover the data (requires the pro versions) Can you recommend me any alternative which works and I wont h
  4. Dear All I would like to ask you for an advice. I am a junior network admin at an undisclosed corporation and we have and old integration system which handles barcode reader input via Serial connection over TCP/IP. The older readers have a RS 232 port at the end and are connected to a Lantronix Serial to Ethernet adaper. The adapter acts as an COM server and accepts input from the barcode reader and relays it to the App witch listens at a specific port and specific IP. That setup works. But here is the cavieot... The new barcode readers bought by the adminis
  5. Will check that in the evening when everyone leaves the office and we will be able to take the servers down again. ... But for now its great that the workers can work in the warehouse and the customer service can accept orders .. thanks again. Its a SCSI harddrive array.
  6. SOLVED: The problem was the BIOS on the Dell server. node interleaving switched to disabled and after enabling it it works better now. Thanks a lot.
  7. Yes. Now actually my colleagues is checking the BIOS settings on the bare metal... .. So i will let you know about the result... It sucks to be the new guy at work,
  8. Dear friends and form members This is a plea for help Last week we had a power outage in our facility and ever since we have noted, that our database server is very slow... (VM ware server with virtual machines) We began to investigate the drives a and everything and the last thing we noticed that the VM has no l1 or l2 or l3 chache values. is it possible that during the shutdown the bios or something got reset and the cpus are not working optimally? Can we assign the cache to the vm in ESXI? The reason for this conclusion is that a dev serve
  9. Dear Forum I have an unraid Setup an I have one Windows 10 VM. I recently upgraded the GTX 730 for a 660 and There is no signal comming through to the monitor. Linux mint reports bad X server configuration error a promts for a restart. I am hopeless. VTD is enabled Thanks for help Radek
  10. Hi. My work mate, a professional driver, has a dilemma. Is there more value in a smartphone with a navigation app or with a dedicated device like TomTom or Garmin. It seemed to me that the smartphone has better screen and it has more purpose. Or is there better signal perception with the dedicated device or what are the advantages or disadvantages. Any experience? Advice? I personally love my G4 as a gps hooked to my plug all day. Got everywhere I needed to be. Thanks
  11. Mine is Logitech G510 keyboard + G500s mouse. My headphones are Sennheiser PX 200 II
  12. I have a rig with 2 GTX 660 and its kinda loud. Ive had ATI graphics before and was very satisfied, so i would like to know how the time changed things for AMD. :] Really curious. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys, I will wait for a reply on the warranty (forgot to ask) and then let you know..
  14. Hi guys. I need help. A friend of mine spilled a cup of beer into his notebook and the rest of the notebook is actually and surprisingly fine. The only issue is that the chicklet keyboard is malfunctioning and pressing random keys like ggggggggggggggg the whole time. I opened it up and found that there is no residue or liquid in the keys? it all dried I guess, but there are a few keys that just font work... is there any way to fix that or should i just give up a make him buy a new keyboard which at this pricepoint will be 1/10 of the notebooks price... Thanks
  15. Thank you very much guys. I have settled for the Ubiquiti Pro AP. But thanx. I will work on my expressive skills. :-D