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    The Netherlands
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    Just someone who lives in The Netherlands and is excited about everything which is innovative! (Not looking at you; Apple)
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    High School


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    Intel Core "Skylake" i5 6600k
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    MSI Z170 Krait Gaming
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    Corsair 2x8GB DDR4
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    AMD Radeon 390
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    NZXT H440 - Designed by Razer
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    1TB WD HDD, Crucial BX100 250gb SSD
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    LEPA MaxBron B1000-MB
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    Acer XB270HK
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    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma
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    Logitech Performance MX
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    JBL Jembe Wireless
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    Windows 10
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  1. The Last Of us, and I even like games with a good story. Just dont like this game.
  2. I want to buy a cheap fast tablet and for me the Teclast x98 Pro seems really good, does someone have experience with the teclast x98 air 2 or 3G? It's only €220 and it can play CS:GO at 1024x768 at low 40 FPS, battery life is hours and hours, the only thing is the b/g/n wifi and the overheating issues on some models, I heard the wifi was not a big problem and you can fix the overheating by adding some copper somewhere.
  3. Its fast if you flash cm12.1 on there, but if you keep the os the same th2 air 2 is faster
  4. I don't really like apple, I only like the 5K Imac but damn that Ipad pro! I have never been more excited for a tablet! Ultimate college machine? What about you guys
  5. Nokia n1 has thosw kind of specs for 300 but it isnt windows. Also Nvidia Shield Tablet, btw there is a chinese full hd tablet with dual boot for €100 which has 2gb ram.
  6. Pff I can get that for 150 or even less
  7. You can get a tab s for that price.
  8. Combine it with 8gb ram DDR3 (or 16, which is not really needed), an i5 4460 or 4690k, an msi sli krait gaming motherboard, a nzxt s340, a coolermaster hyper 212 evo and a 256/250gb ssd and 3tb hdd.
  9. Oke everyone will say 970, but ill advice the 390 and you need to pair it with a LEPA Maxbron B1000-MB which is bronze plus certified for only $100. But why the 390 then you may ask? 1. A bit more performance 2. SLI Scaling, with those 1000 watts you can put 2 390s and you have a 4k gaming machine which handles every game in 4k 3. More vram: 8 instead of 3.5