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Tony Stark

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  • Birthday Apr 03, 1995

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    Taguig City, Philippines
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    Everything with circuitboards


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    AMD A10-7850K
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    ASRock FM2A88X Extreme 4+
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    MSI R9 270x (x2)
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    Antec P280 Black w/ Window
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    Antec HCP-1200
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    Samsung S24D300H 60Hz 24.0" Monitor
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212X
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    Logitech G710 Plus
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    Logitech G502
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    Razer Kraken Pro
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    Windows 10

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  1. I recently scanned and removed malware from my computer using Malwarebytes. After restarting, an error window would pop up every few minutes. I've tried locating what it says but it doesn't exist anywhere in my computer. How can i fix the problem?
  2. https://web.facebook.com/SciGeticsCDSA/videos/1854274071496330/ please please plerase like the video help us to win
  3. Perfect for watching por..... LinusTechTips videos.
  4. Would it be a great idea to use mineral oil instead of water in a custom loop?
  5. codes are not working, help me fix it <html><body><center> <formname=f> MONTH:<select name=b> <option value=Jan>January <option value=Feb>February <option value=Mar>March <option value=Apr>April <option value=May>May <option value=Jun>June <option value=Jul>July <option value=Aug>August <option value=Sep>September <option value=Oct>October <option value=Nov>November <option value=Dec>December <select><br><br> DAY<input type=text name=c><p> <input type=but
  6. Tony Stark


    my coding is not working, please help me fix it Zodiac.html
  7. Does more heatpipes improve cooling? and does the material of the heatpipes affects cooling?
  8. Next week I'm going to upgrade my PC, and included to my list is a CPU cooler. So what is the best air cooler under $30?
  9. i just bought a new water cooler (Thermaltake 3.0 Extreme) and i want to know where does these leaks mostly happen.
  10. i know the dude that Fortress (Noel) is talking about
  11. I want to know how safe and reliable water coolers are because I don't want it to leak and destroy my computer. Reply you're experiences in water coolers and tell me if they are worth it.
  12. it depends in what you do most with your pc
  13. it's been a few days, and i already bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it works great, i didn't bought the Edge because its really not worth the extra $100, and i wont risk my phone to be facing down all the time it might scratch the very expensive glass. Thanks for the replies, it helped a lot
  14. its been a few days, and i finally made my decision for what graphics card to buy, and just this morning i picked up my R9 280x for $249.99 and its amazing, and i've been playing GTA V all day, the graphics are really smooth and it never lags. Thanks for the people who replied, you really helped me alot
  15. I'm choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and i'm thinking "is the display on the edge worth it". Maybe some of you have an S6 Edge and can you tell me does it really have a function to the phone or is this just a marketing scheme to have a curved edge?