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  1. But apple stuff is just better in almost every way. Its more expensive, but its worth paying for.
  2. They have contracts, probably for 2 years from when they started using vessel. They will get money for the contract ending, probably enough to find another income source.
  3. Nah, I have a feeling it wont last. Verizon would not just buy a company that rivals youtube for no reason. Another sight will be up within a year.
  4. Actually, business works in different ways to private citizens. https://www.vessel.com/blog read the actual blog
  5. https://www.vessel.com/blog title is wrong, it has been bought, but is not down. It isnt going to.
  6. That would make sense, if the us governmant was, but look at abortion laws, trade, and regulations.
  7. thats pretty much ANTI capitalism, why isn't the US governmant doing anything??
  8. Will people stop just stating things as fact, SHOW evidence.
  9. But its not all about clock-speed, you no evidence to back up any claim about performance or power usage.
  10. Not all "Video game" actors are part of the union. It will be fine.
  11. Its a huge deal, its anti competition. am I right in saying time warner is an ISP?? And so is AT and T??
  12. Any evidence, or just a general statement of "fact".
  13. only the 970 had memory issues, this only affects certain memory and has nothing to do with the gpu.
  14. This is the "Reviews and tech news section" But, i would just try leaving it, Your area may be undergoing maintenance?