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  1. Have tried it also, seems like I need some vrm cooling but can't seem anything that'll work.
  2. Do you think I should get a better fan which is not the one which came with the G10 as It may do better, just thinking about it.
  3. Thanks, and it does have a 92mm fan on it at 100% fan speed and still does not work that well
  4. Any good vrm heatsinks for the R9 290X
  5. Not that big, small but I had thought it would do okay.
  6. Hi, I've decided to water cool my R9 290X with an all in one water cooler but after attaching some small heatsinks to the vrm they are still getting very hot (85c to 90c) during benchmarks. I think it's okay in games but I still want to get it cooled better, the GPU die itself is fine. Any better heatsinks for them. It does have a fan on top of them too as It's the kraken G10 I'm using. Thanks
  7. Oh, right I think I am understanding it now. How would I find the average bottom 1% though if the numbers are all over the place. Thanks
  8. Hi, all. I have seen a lot of videos now using 1% & 0.1% Lows for their graphs. But I still don't really understand what it means. I get that low, average and max fps is not the best way to show fps. And also that it is better to have frames that are more consistent within frame timings or it will look like it is lagging or stuttering but I am still confused about it. Wondering if someone can help me out understand it more. Thanks
  9. oh right okay then and thanks I will look on the EK waterblock too. Thanks
  10. Oh cool and oh, so the back plate which comes with the cooler will not fit it. Do you know where the best place to buy one from. Thanks
  11. Oh where does it say that though. In a pdf from the manual. Thanks
  12. Oh okay can I delete this one then. Thanks