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    unfolded proteins detected
  • Birthday Oct 25, 1997

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    legacy switch systems engineer from the UK
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    switch and transmission engineering


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    defective brain
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    slight asthma
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    one shader.
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    fatter than anyone from school remembers
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    plenty, providing we're talking about food
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    unknown, sources have speculated i run on sheer spite
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    clear displays of disinterest are commoonly observable
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    defective. item begins to seep water at 14c
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    no thanks i prefer drums
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    difficult to get mice when you don't live near the ground
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    train horns outside
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    braindeadOS 97
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    Asus FX705GM
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    i11 ProMax

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  1. sprint sounds good, it'll heat my apartment a bit better
  2. my honest suggestion is to not bother
  3. network card in the folding machine died again, bastard thing PPD output has tanked properly what with not folding and the WU shortage
  4. this has been posted multiple times already, it wouldn't cost you a single second to look down the forum for it
  5. happens sometimes, EOC doesn't pull from the FAH stats page it pulls from the API
  6. i run VR off a Vega64 lol 8GB can work fine
  7. if your board supports dual channel then that's it. it will support single or dual channel
  8. excitement for the morning - the network card in my folding machine died overnight. good thing i have spares here, onwards!
  9. so you're going to chuck an extra 100 away on looking better and end up with 3200mhz at a higher latency than getting 3200 ram with tighter timings in the first place. not to mention a 2-stick config also has a performance gain of it's own just for being so poor choice, but you sound resigned to that option so i have to ask why you're still here instead of flushing the $100 on it right now. also, asking for a usecase isn't spamming, it's asking for additional information because usecase matters when it comes to component and spec choice.
  10. if you can do this then why even ask the question in the first place. better performance, less cost and oh no, what a shame there's spare ram slots
  11. you're not the only user with that name, hence why passkeys exist as a way to uniquely tie to you
  12. DC-DC conversion, same as some powerbanks convert from about 3.3v up to 5v
  13. gonna be honest, i'd just tear a powerbank down and cram it in there so that you've got a rechargable power source with a properly designed charging circuit and the appropriate safety features. messing about with lithium batteries is generally considered a bad idea
  14. yeah for the reinstall just go through as normal and use that key when it asks for it, or reinstall, select windows 10 pro, select that you don't have a product key and then activate once the install is completed