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    legacy switch systems engineer from the UK
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    switch and transmission engineering


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    defective brain
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    slight asthma
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    one shader.
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    fatter than anyone from school remembers
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    plenty, providing we're talking about food
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    unknown, sources have speculated i run on sheer spite
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    clear displays of disinterest are commoonly observable
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    defective. item begins to seep water at 14c
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    no thanks i prefer drums
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    difficult to get mice when you don't live near the ground
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    train horns outside
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    braindeadOS 97
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    Asus FX705GM
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    i11 ProMax

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  1. it used to be viable to run a second card for PhysX if you had applications that relied heavily on that, but, these days any single GPU on the market (and i'm talking the present generations, not old gpu's still in production) is more than powerful enough for it not to matter - this has been the case since at least 900 series. Here are some things you can do with your GT 710 -Turn it into a coffee coaster -Use it as a space heater for a really small doll house -See how far you can throw it like a frisbee -Ask NASA very nicely if they'll send it into orbit so you can try
  2. ah, ccleaner. used to be "crap cleaner" now just "cancerous cleaner" you're best ditching it. a shadow of its former self and just another bit of bloatware at this point, sadly.
  3. ah there's something posted here now, okay yes, i would say that is more than good enough for the tasks at hand. I would say that a couple of bits could be tweaked - there are likely cheaper AIO options than the kraken but if you're going for a look and the kraken will fit that look then by all means stick with it. I'd perhaps go to a 750W PSU incase you want to jump up in graphics later on down the line but it's not necessary and we all build machines a bit different - so what I'd do is just personal opinion mostly
  4. what pstate is the card running in if you call up nvsmi
  5. hello folks, sorry for my absence, i continue to fold when i'm able but for the minute i have no dedicated 24/7 folding effort set up. rest assured, i haven't lost any hardware, i'm just unable to commit the time and resource to it at present. cheers
  6. do not put a toothbrush in your sockets
  7. currently main machine 5.8gb out of 32 laptop 1 is 4gb out of 16 laptop 2 is 5.2 out of 32 gpu compute machine is about 3.4 out of 32 as it has shit all on it other than compute applications work laptop is about 5.6 out of 8gb as it's full of work bloatware and fucking teams
  8. the bandicam watermark is the second highest indicator of quality just after "unregistered hypercam 2"
  9. sprint sounds good, it'll heat my apartment a bit better
  10. my honest suggestion is to not bother
  11. network card in the folding machine died again, bastard thing PPD output has tanked properly what with not folding and the WU shortage
  12. this has been posted multiple times already, it wouldn't cost you a single second to look down the forum for it
  13. happens sometimes, EOC doesn't pull from the FAH stats page it pulls from the API