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  1. After more investigation, the reason: Basically, a blogger being very disingenuous about what's actually happening or at stake. What GateKeeper does is not different from a TCP three-way handshake making calls to SSL/TLS root servers. What you're claiming and referencing is completely misaligned. Even if you are still insisting Apple is awful because they ask for user data, you'd still have to explain why that's an issue, especially when users can simply reject and turn those options off. Are users not allowed to make their own choices when asked upfront?
  2. uh, I just wanna say the thread title needs to be renamed . Really misleading.
  3. Guess us folk in Asia will continue driving the $99 polaris cards then...
  4. It's more sensible to first establish your list of use scenarios. An acquaintance uses the iPad Pro and iPhone Pro because of the LIDAR sensors, which allows him to rapidly scan the environment with a custom app and upload data. The LIDAR also improves video a ton, allowing him to use the phone on an ATV around the works.
  5. Considering that my 2008 MBP lasted me till 2016... And my 2011 MBP lasted me till 2017... And all my macs lasted a really long time compared to my DIY Windows builds, I think it's an excellent time to transit back into MacOS again.
  6. Yeah, I saw that on my feed first and sadly scrolled through a dozen others decrying Apple's privacy intrusion. As much as echo chambers exist, I do want to remind people to stop, think on the claims, examine the evidence, and process the logic across multiple references. Linus and team likes to remind us that this community should remain a drama-free and toxicity-free space, and such outbursts only serve to make things worse.
  7. Exactly. Considering power bracket, price point, long-term support, I'm much more confident with swapping over from my 2012 MBP. Since 2012, I simply have not met any compelling options from any Windows laptop manufacturer. But then again, I might still stay on the 2012 because I've only just swapped out the batteries last year...
  8. They can't even unify the Windows XP Control Panel with the Windows 10 theme UI... Every half-year update also makes changes to the kernel that breaks anything that hooks into the kernel... Sigh... Someone get me a gin tonic.
  9. It's not the first time that the OP has posted such threads or made such comments... This is simply drama for the sake of serving self-righteousness. Again, if the market truly does not want the iPhone, consumers would simply purchase competitor devices. Many other manufacturers produce devices at far lower price points. Most android users would even claim that android phones are superior in terms of hardware and software customization.
  10. Funny I was having a chat with a few scrum masters and product owners in my group chat, and one of the gamers mentioned that Star Citizen is probably the world's longest running scrum project...
  11. Here in Asia, the Microsoft Store is choked full of "free" apps that ask for personal details before use, "free" apps that look suspiciously like other apps, games that are blatant copies of other famous games, and a whole mess of non-functional crap. Anarchy is not freedom, fairness, or justice. These companies are simply out for a free lunch.
  12. *stares suspiciously at power layout* *presses X to doubt*
  13. Oh, so the other guy basically missed everything? Gosh, for a moment I thought Apple made more big changes. You should've seen the reactions in the other thread. Pretty hilarious how nobody was fact-checking and immediately just jumped into bashing Apple.
  14. Weird, some other guy started a thread claiming Apple quietly updated the iPad Pro without announcing? Were there any changes to their specs since launch?