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  1. AFAIK from speaking to OEMs and the manufacturer (AMD, NVIDIA), they've got restrictions on how GPUs can be sold: 1) Anything more than 2 per customer (per credit card used) has to go to a distributor or approved retail partner. 2) OEM allocations should maintain the same proportion allocation. These are the two restrictions I can confirm exist, so my deduction is that miners have developed entire processes to get around the limits here. The usual retailers around southeast asia have put us all on a 3-month waiting list, and that's if they get stock too...
  2. I'd been building HTPCs that run with the noctua NH-L12S. The 3400G was enough for mainstream titles like CSGO, DOTA, etc. The only issues come from games that need multithreading due to netcode complexity (fortnite, warframe, etc) or higher graphic thresholds. If you folk over in the west can't get your hands on GPUs at a reasonable price, then I don't think we'll be getting anything in this part of asia for at least ten years.
  3. Yup... I used to do quite a bit of Macbook modding. In Asia, lots of pre-2014 Macbooks are coming in from you folks in the wealthy cities. The problem with conducting the heat to the bottom case makes it very uncomfortable to use for extended periods, and also heats up faster due to human body heating up the bottom metal as well. The total heat rapidly reaches 41deg cel, which quickly goes past the threshold of discomfort. I've noted this and tend to prefer fan mods with better thermal pastes. There were similar issues with old Dell enterprise laptops being circulated around here t
  4. Well, yes, I get their point... ... but I also don't see a safe future in them running solo given the state actors out there who'd be more than happy to grab the tech behind DeepMind.
  5. Amen to this. Like wow people, I can sense your anger and frustration, but maybe deal with those emotions in a healthier way?
  6. It's Apple's business. Literally a BUSINESS. The entire ecosystem is put at risk just because of a few users wanting everyone else to cater to them? That's worse than smokers demanding other people get out of the way of their second-hand smoke, if they want to stay healthy.
  7. If none of you are going to bother reading the transcripts and court proceedings...
  8. I find the irony thick enough to cut with a butter knife. Surely USA has not forgotten its own police force, policymakers, and etc are frequently bought over by money - all through lobbying system! Why's it surprising that a business that seeks to operate in China won't change its tune to make money? Have we forgotten Microsoft, Dell, HP, and so much more?
  9. I mean, regardless of how you wanna take this, open-source is the baseline. If your product/service can't even compete against that, it's time to go back to the drawing board.
  10. That sort of business logic makes no sense. So if I'm running a mall now, am I supposed to accept tenants that can sue me for not supporting their attempts to setup and run a competing mall? But well, doesn't matter for me in Asia. It's just silly to see how organisations can abuse the legal system over in your half of the planet.
  11. In all honesty, executive soundbites are great, but actual operations often suck in more resources and create more emergent complexity than management can predict. Take the history of Android: Pixel and Android were meant to set a baseline performance for the ecosystem, so that consumers know what to expect from Android especially comparing against other brands. Sounds good right? In reality, tribal loyalty and fanaticism means that the majority of consumer segments simply stick to the product lines they use and upgrade unless the subsequent product became such a massiv
  12. Every engineering team has only so much time and energy to work on issues. Some more urgent than others.
  13. Yeah... Every company has pretty unique process flops. E.g. Google wiped the Terraria developer's Google account (all across Google) without justification or even a proper response, and most people are betting that an AI or algorithm must have flopped. e.g. Microsoft freezing an account because someone's OneDrive was detected to have "Copyrighted" content (whatever that means)... None of that is right, but there's always a reason to start with.
  14. Exactly. Not to mention these products were in development for long enough that alternative sales channels and marketing channels could have been developed. To say that Apple and iOS is the ONLY viable channel is disingenuous. This also ignores the iOS ecosystem's significantly higher and tighter barrier to entry. This means the Total Cost of Ownership is also significant. To grow the ecosystem means recurring revenue must continue to surpass operational expenses.
  15. Can you imagine spending 20 years to build an ecosystem and then having everyone cry foul or sue you or etc... Mainly cause they didn't want to take the massively painful route of building their own ecosystem?