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  1. Hi there, I indeed bought a splitter as you suggested and it works perfectly. Thanks.
  2. I like to switch my Xbox One X from my bigger TV for watching films to my 144htz 2k monitor for gaming. However the Xbox One X only has one HDMI out port, so I have to manually put in either the TV or monitor HDMI cable into the Xbox One X which is annoying. To solve this I think I need a HDMI switch that can manage 4k 60hz or with a bandwidth of at least 12.54 Gbit/s. I should also note that I’ll never have the TV and the monitor on at the same time, it’s one or the other, one of them will be switched off completely. However nearly all of the HDMI switches
  3. Thank you for your answer that has given me a bit more insight. That website you linked is very interesting, it does seem like it's a Oxygen OS issue then. I'll do a bit of further investigation now I know about this website. Also, I would update to OxygenOS 10 but I don't think OnePlus has released it yet for my 5T, so I'm not sure If I could. Any ideas?
  4. I should preface this by saying this is a long post that has a lot of screenshots. For months possibly a year, I’ve been having an issue with certain apps where notifications either do not appear at all or are very delayed on the lock screen. Sometimes they do appear without delay, but it's very inconsistent. The delay can be anywhere from 20 min to 2 hours Often times when notifications don’t appear on the lock screen they appear as soon as I unlock the phone or open the app. The apps in question are Twitch TV and Discord. However WhatsApp and my Text messa
  5. Hi there, A while back I bought 2 AORUS AD27QD monitors but there are two issues i'm having with them. I like to run both monitors at the native resoloution of 2560 x 1440 at 120htz with Freesync and 10 bit colour. The first issue is that sometimes one or both of my monitors will be forced into 8 bpc colour depth, when I’ve set both to be 10 bpc. When it changes itself to 8 bpc things on my screen become fuzzy. Sometimes a restart fixes the issue and it goes back to being 10 bc with the fuzziness going away. Other times I have to restart like 10 times before
  6. I see, I could try that. Thank you for the suggestion. If only the Xbox One just had a 3.5mm audio out port, it would make life so much easier.
  7. Yeah it seems to be the DAC. I did your test by unplugging the toslink cable from the DAC and the sound persists, so it must be the DAC. Could this be because it's a cheap DAC?
  8. One i didn't get one, and two it would be shit compared to my proper senhieser headphones. Plus I doubt an xbox headset would even plug into my PC.
  9. I recently bought one of these DAC’s so I can have sound coming from my Xbox One X Toslink port to my line-in port on my PC, and finally to my headset plugged into my PC. So it goes like this: Xbox One X → Toslink cable → DAC → 3.5mm cable → PC line-in → PC line-out → Headphones. The sound works fine but there is a problem. When I turn my Xbox off and it’s just on standby power, there is a loud screeching / popping sound, coming through my headset, as there must be some signal / interference coming from the Xbox or DAC. If I turn the Xbox on or turn the power plug off t
  10. Okay thanks for checking, on mine you can hear the whine / buzz far away, but as you get closer to to the top right it gets louder.
  11. Just to ask, even if you put you ears close to the top right of your Masterkeys Pro S can you still not hear any coil whine or high pitched electrical noise?
  12. Okay sounds like I'll have to contact them. Thanks.
  13. I recently bought this keyboard from: https://www.scan.co.uk/, however after a few days I've noticed that there appears to be coil whine eminating from the top right of the keyboard. Exactly the same as described here in this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/5pwxz6/my_new_cooler_master_masterkeys_pro_s_has_coil/ I've tried using a different USB-C cable, trying diferent USB ports, disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard, restarting the PC, disabling all LED's and even trying other computers. However none of this stops the coil whine.
  14. I see, I didn't realise that. Thanks for letting me know. So could I run my toslink into this converter, then run a 3.5mm cable from the headphone jack of this converter to my line-in port on my pc, then plug my headphomes onto my pc cases headphone jack and it should all work? So Xbox One -> Toslink cable -> Converter -> 3.5mm cable -> motherboards line-in port -> pc case headphone jack -> headphones?