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  1. So awhile ago (8 months~) my PC said there was an IP address error of some sort and that it was the same as a different address connected to the network. so I tried ipconfig /renew etc and nothing worked at all even though I could still connect to the internet. I let it go and gave up but recently noticed that im automatically connected to my 2.4GHz connection which just isnt cutting it (direct connected) this is what the network pop up box looks like ( https://gyazo.com/abb47182904bdd23c32f137552697522 ) as you could see it says im not connected to the internet although I am i also have no op
  2. i have two harddrives in my new PC connected to an asus sabertooth z87 one HDD has windows one doesn't I was using this PC perfectly fine for two days and now it won't boot I start up the PC and it loads into a screen saying "American Megatrends" Shows all my PC info Says USB Devices Total: 0 Drive, 3 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 hubs. Detected ATA/ATAPI Devices . . . SATA Port1: WDC (my 1st HDD) SATA Port3: WDC (my 2nd HDD) I press F1 to run the setup and it brings me to my bios and shows me my two Harddrives I boot it with the one that contains windows and it loads up it gets to the S
  3. I think there may be two pins bent my eye sight is terrible but I'm almost positive they are bent agh new motherboard it is then?
  4. I just built my new PC (first time) Motherboard: gigabyte H97M-D3H CPU: Intel i5 4570 1TB HDD 2x 8GB Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 RAM power supply:TS650 W GPU: none as of now (onboard graphics) I made a previous post about how it would not display any image and I got tons of help but was unable to try some things that were said, but I recently took apart my system and realized I had the cpu in wrong! (I'm a noob) but now I put it in the correct position and it still won't display an image AND when I power on my PC the fans spin the lights go on and it shuts down in exactly 12 seconds on its ow
  5. ah but I just found out no power is coming out of the motherboard because I plugged a mouse into the back and it lit up then shut right off that's why I never got a display but I don't know the exact problem yet
  6. Someone else in my house has a good video card I'll ask them if I can test it out but if the video card doesn't work then how would I know what the problem is? because it could still be the power supply thy won't start up the card or it could be the motherboard that won't run it yk what I mean?nope there aren't any beeps when the PC starts, it starts all silently the fans run the water cooler runs but all the LEDs flash and there's no video that's all, I'm leaning more towards motherboard as well since I plugged the mouse into it and the light just flashed on it and turned off immediately that
  7. JUST TESTED: I tried plugging a mouse into the motherboard through the back of the PC and the light on the mouse flashes and turns off automatically and all the case lights are blinking so guys Shit motherboard or shit power supply? It's a 650 watt supply so I'm unsure if that's the problem I'm thinking it's the motherboard
  8. I can't get into the bios there's no video!
  9. Wait guys it's a razer h440 case I just turned all the light on including the bottom lights back lights and logos and they're ALL blinking like the power button is power supply problem?
  10. It doesn't stop blinking I've kept it on for ten+ minutes and I'm going to try a dvi cable later today the hdmi and monitor are fine I'm using them on my old PC as we speak but I'm going to try DVI later I'll update the thread after I try thanks guys
  11. I should have but I didn't. even if anything I can easily remove it all from the case I just want to know what the problem is with it the power button is flashing on and off what does that mean? Anybody know?
  12. so I took it all apart and put it all back together switched ram slots took the battery out of the motherboard held down the power button with the power supply off and unplugged and still no display and has a flashing power button maybe I put my CPU in wrong? Possibly a pin is bent? because I had the wrong CPU put it about a week or two ago and I just got the correct one yesterday and put it in I lined up the triangle on the CPU with the triangle on my mobo but it's still not doing anything at all maybe I just f***** up the motherboard? If anybody knows why the power button light is flashin