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    Computers, Gaming, Video Making and Publishing. Web Developing & Designing along with GFX Designing.
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    You should know enough about me through my Interests & my About Me page.
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    Intel i5-3570K 3.40 GHz
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    ASRock Z75 Pro 3
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    8 GB (2 x 4 GB) G.Skilll Ripjaws
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    HIS AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition
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    Cheap AMD Case w/ Blue LED
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    x3 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM
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    OCZ PowerStream OCZ520ADJ 520 Watts
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    x1 HP ZR22w 22"
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    Cooler Master Fans w/ Blue LED
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    CMStorm Devastator Gaming Keybaord Blue LED
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    CMStorm Devastator Gaming Mouse Blue LED
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    x1 Razer Adaro Stereo & x1 Logitech G430 Headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  1. Okay, so my brother ordered some XIM4 thing and it just came in. So he wants to move to his desk, and put his Xbox 360 on there and play with his XIM4 on his desk. Well, problem is, he can't fit his TV on his desk because he has too many computers on it, so he wants to just use a spare monitor I have. Well, the monitor doesn't take HDMI, only DP, DVI and VGA. DVI is already taken by his computer, and VGA isn't ideal to play games on. So I was looking around, and found an old DP to HDMI converter. But when I go to change the source on the monitor to DP, it doesn't show anything, just a black sc
  2. I don't find any use for the App Store. Everything you can get off the app store, can be downloaded from the internet. Also, I don't know where you got the statement or fact that you download speed is faster with the Store. Your download speed is download speed. No matter how much you have, anything over 100-150mbps is really overkill because the most you'll get when downloading something is maybe like 20mbps and that's on a good day. I have a 150 down 50 up internet speed, and I see no difference from when I had 20 down 2 up. So it really doesn't matter. Another reason why I have a pr
  3. Thing is, there is only one port for that, but it's filled up by my current monitor.
  4. I'll be playing all different types of games, nothing specific. I have a Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 which only supports HDMI, so it has to be HDMI. I currently have a HP ZR22w 22" 8ms so something around >8ms would be nice, and I just want a second monitor for streaming and such. 1920x1080p resolution is a must. It cannot be over $99.99 ($100)
  5. I'm actually just going to make a gaming computer out of it and give it to someone with less fortune than me and can't afford nice things.
  6. I don't care. It's only 1 of my 8 emails. I have 7 emails that I use for things like this and 1 primary I use to sign up on websites with.
  7. I have GTA V but I hardly play it and the multiplayer sucks.
  8. Wtf bro, I just sat there for like 10 minutes doing this and it's just never ending ! http://bit.ly/1JWOSci http://bit.ly/1GLKLzk http://bit.ly/1zk1udf
  9. Alright meh man. With that computer you have I figured you play some FPS games.
  10. You must have like a cracked version that never get's updated or something. Because if you go to the official microsoft website, they tell you they discontinued the Windows 8 App Store. I'm using Windows 10 right now and it runs so good on games, and is just so perfect. But we are all entitled to our own opinions.
  11. Yeah, that's what I thought. I was just asking because I have tons of extra computer parts that I don't know what to do with. Thanks guys!
  12. What do you mean by "gg on giving your username to an infinite ammount of people"? My forum username or what? I don't really care if people find my skype, I'm not worried.
  13. I said multi-genre. Nothing specific. If you play one specific game then I'm not interested. I mainly play Battlefield 4, Minecraft, CSS, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, and some indie and realism survival games on the side.
  14. Hey there guys, and I'm looking for a multi-genre gaming group/clan I can join. I've made my own format / application so no worries!