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  1. The motherboard has no on-board graphics ports.
  2. Its a display port to vga adapter, i had two, the other one didnt even power on the monitor. It was detected by the computer but no signal. Maybe its a bad adapter but i dont have anymore to test.
  3. The problem i been having is that the monitor flickers very often when there is lots of stuff on the screen such as applications, browsers etc. The monitor sometimes goes to standby/black and comes back on. There are two monitors hooked up to the same graphics card the one that flickers is running through a Mini display port and the other one that doesnt is on a DVI port. The graphics card that am running is an XFX Radeon HD 7970 Black edition 3 GB. Troubleshooting done so far: Updated drivers to the latest. I check the monitor and it seems that any monitor that is connected to
  4. Well I factory reset the router twice and it still didn't improve the Wired connection. I also turned off WMM in the setting which is for improving Wi-fi multimedia. And that didn't work. I still think that there is some setting to turn off but am not sure what it is.
  5. Hey, I bought a new Linksys E1200 router because my old router died. I install it exacly as it said in the instructions, when it was completed I had wireless and wired connection but the wired connection was slow. When I did a speedtest it was about 1-2Mbps normally its 10Mbps. I tested it on wireless connection and am getting the 10Mbps. I connected it directly to the modem and am getting my full connection. I have also tried different Ethernet Cables and its the same thing. I am not using an onboard network card I have a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. I dont think its
  6. Ok so i changed the pagefile, also disabled hibernate mode, some google chrome shockwave flash stuff and the Nvidia Temp folder and i have gained 26GB of free space this is almost the same amount i have after installing windows so i will stick with that. Hopefully it doesn't disappear again. Still checking through too see what other temp files i can delete stuff from Thank you so much Gabriel for all your help
  7. I ran the programs again and there is nothing to clean up. When i ran SpaceSniffer I found a file pagefile.sys thats 7.9 GB. Am guessing thats the problem. But there isnt a file location for it. Should i just delete it ?
  8. Yes i been having that same problem thats why i started clearing it out. But now am confused again because after i got that 10 GB of free space i turn of my pc and when i came back i have 2 GB of free space WT....... where did it go
  9. Ok so from doing everything that was said in this tread the drive went from a couple MB of space to 11 GB of free space :lol: B) Thank you so much for the advice. I still think i can make some more free space. Am wondering now do my fellow computer enthusiast here, do these kind of things regualarly ?
  10. Not sure should I post there instead ? After using the SpaceSniffer application i can see where the data is being used. Looks like some applications can be moved so i can free up space such as Heartstone, Nividia drivers.
  11. I was just wondering if i should bother trying to make space or i should just reinstall OS. Also if i reinstall the OS wouldnt the space be fill up sooner or later?
  12. Only disk cleanup i did was CCleaner with everything checked. I can try that software and see what happens.
  13. I didnt try a defragmentation as yet i can try it. Also i dont store anything on that partition, programs are store on the rest of the 500 GB hard drive and i have a 1 TB hard drive to store everything games, pictures, documents etc.
  14. I am currently running Windows 7 64bit operating system. I have been using it for about 4 years now and it works not problem. Recently I have been seeing that the available disk space is getting smaller and smaller until i have only a couple hundred MB. I have run full CCleaner with almost every thing checked and I have deleted everything i can in the temp folder and this only increases the available size to maybe 1 GB and then its reduced again. The OS is installed on 60 GB partition of a 500 GB seagate hard drive. I was planning to reinstall the OS but am not sure if i should or what i shou