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  1. is your computer running your monitors in the right refresh rate? https://gyazo.com/d95eaf922c5bcd64944c7509a3114e78
  2. no it sounds about right my pc is about 5 years old now and my CPU is starting fall far behind now dont get me wrong if your happy with your old PC that good for you as for the 7 year old mac try cleaning it out with caned air are see if you have some Heave program runing in the backround the fans might be dieing as well
  3. most the time when Nexon fucks up you just have to wate for a fix it a sad thing to it most likey not comeing for a few weeks as well i play mabi in the NA sever and shit like this happens all the time
  4. i know i'm late but i like how no one looked at nvd3dum.dll..... by a easy google search and as it not a fix it have more info on this the more info you have the easier it will be to find the fix
  5. well if your going to uplode to youtube you wont need more then 60 FPS anyways if your going to upload it to the net no point in haveing it passed 60 fps try lowering setting on dxtory
  6. i had the same problem i never did get it fixed i will talk to one of my friends about it and he might be able to help you on this topic
  7. scan your PC with... Malwarebytes 2. Windows Defender all so i think something is wrong with your OC the speed of your ram is 933 MHz and not 2133 MHz i think some thing might be wrong with your ram OC and that i can not help you with
  8. yes that is how it sounds but it olny free for a year it just like how 8.1 was free for win 8 users this might be the same type of deal to make up for how so-so 8 and 8.1 was but..... i'm not to big on haveing my own AI looking at all the files on my hard drive so i'm going to turn her off
  9. it sounds like it have something to do with the dead zone i don't know how xpadder wroks but i will look adound and see if i can find a fix but try seeing for a dead zone setting
  10. do you keep your emulator and plugins up to date are you have all the right seting?
  11. PS2 i like the jrpg but one game willstay with me forever and that one is Steambot Chronicles i know is was not a AAA game are even that well know but it filled all my dreams at the time i never played a game like it it was the frist game i played that if you wanted you can be the bad guy and of did i love it
  12. this topic is more for the Troubleshooting yes?
  13. well i been off XP for a bit now but that still sounds super unsafe
  14. do you have all the windows updates and service pack and driver updates ? if you do and that is not the problem try doing a virus scan with some scanners. you might want to do some of this stuff to it might help shed some light on your problem. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/354634-bsod-posting-instructions-please-read/
  15. you want to go back to xp? but wont that let ANYONE spy on you?