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  1. https://github.com/Jays2Kings/DS4Windows/issues/17 https://github.com/Jays2Kings/DS4Windows/issues/123 Ppl definatly tried
  2. Hi guys So i've got a oneplus 6T which unfortunately does not have audio jack. So i cant use wired headphones while charging my phone. Now my phones almost dead. But i want to watch some netflix with headphones (its 3am). Im also pretty cheap so i dont want to spend money to get a wireless pair of earphones just to watch stuff when my phone is charging xd I suddenly realised my ps4 controller uses bluetooth and i always have my headset plugged in there for audio from my ps4. Now i can connect to the controller but it doesnt pass trough audio, apperantly doesnt work in and
  3. Could be. But i have no dm on the forum. Unless the ltt team has a way of just deleting that dm pretty Quickly
  4. So yeah. I didnt know where to post this and idk why im posting this since the ltt team cant really do anything about it but someone is sending out scam mails pretending to be a ltt forum notification.
  5. Thanks, ill look into it. I really need one. The hhd in this laptop throttles often.
  6. So something like a 860evo would be my "best" choise? I see that all faster ones use pci
  7. M.2 2280 SSD The 2280 is the length of the stick or something i guess?
  8. Hello I know nothing about the m.2 interface and was wondering what i have to look for? I have a older msi ge72 2qd on which i cant find info about the m.2 interface, i've seen that there's pci and sata m.2 cards. How could i figure out what kind i need and is there anything else to acount for? Kind regards
  9. smh... facebook has made a change aswell. And guess what. I dislike it aswell and im trying to get rid of it. There is a create button now. Like why do i need this. I dont create pages, events, ... on a daily base
  10. *offtopic* fyi how to fix outlook (site) Disable everything. Looks hella clean now
  11. My brightness is probably around 10-20%, but i think im kinda sesitive to light (driving on clear day i really pinch my eyes because the sky is so bright or is that normal? lol) I've added a darker theme to it and it still doesnt look good to me. idk how they fucked it up.
  12. i know incognto makes is darker but it also doesnt save tabs, keeps history (which is so usefull when trying to find things again) ps: outlook also changed their design, they'r back at it with the priority inbox (now called favorites) . Im so fkin triggerd when they fuck up a simple easy to use design.
  13. So i was kinda mad when i opened my phone at night just to be blinded by a update google chrome. Its a very simplistic (mac'ish) look. But i really dont like it, its so white, so bright. I dont like to get blinded just before i go to bed. Today i noticed that also my browser has changed to this new "template?". I cant really find a way to go back to a darker template without an extension. Does anyone know what google changed, and most importantly how to i get it back to normal (darker). Thanks (messy post sorry lol)
  14. Hello So i live in Belgium which is next to France, i'm a carguy so i went "cruising" with my bmw E30. I drove trough a french city (Calais) and i passed a bunch of teens while i was going kinda sideways. (Spirited driving ) Couple minutes later i passed them again and i was stuck in traffic. They where yelling something in french from the sidewalk while doing the rev it, floor it, .... hand signal. I believe it sounded like "chouf le" or something. Any idea what they may have been yelling? Kind regards