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    Cooler Master CM 690 III
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  1. As seen in video, no hdd connected.
  2. As you can hear in the video (half way trough) the nas makes a clicking sound. Idk why and it suddenly went offline. No leds no fan spin no hdd activity only this clicking sound, how can i fix?
  3. Oh ofcourse, and its just bluetooth so shares easy. Thanks! I will try it in a few weeks and will share my results.
  4. So i can use 2 systems simultaneously on 2 light houses right?
  5. So my question is very simple, can I use 2 separat htc vives with 2 separat pcs on 2 light houses? So in short can 2 difrent pcs see only 2 light houses using both 2 headsets at the same time?
  6. Title prettymuch explaines it, Is it possible to make my Oculus Rift darker? My eyes hurt after a hour or 2 of gameplay. On my pc i fixed that by putting brightness on 30% and contrast on 20.
  7. For some wired reason i made a full clone 2 days ago so im save, i am just scard that this happens again to an expensive drive.
  8. So this thing died now what and how could this have happend?
  9. Thanks for the help, thats only page scaling though, I ment the size from the tabs and buttons off chrome. I tried a couple things, I tried to turn off dpi scaling but that made the tekst really blury. I finally found the fix and that is if you change your compatibility mode to windows 8 it changes the scaling back to how it was before the anniversary update. This was done on the the msi gs60 2pe with an screen resolution 2880 X 1620 pixels
  10. So I got myself a "new" laptop that has a 3k screen 2880 X 1620 and its a bit too hard to read without scaling so i use 125% The problem is that my google chrome gets insane big when doing this to the point where its almost redicilous (see tab size and close in the top right) Is there a posibility to use a difrent scaling on chrome like 115% and 125% on the other apps I know that you can disable it but then it gets way to small.
  11. So my friend and I are in an argument he claims that all data stored even in a few seconds after the save or write to an SSD with for example rapid mode is stored in case of a crash. My sight on the story is that if for example, you save a file to your SSD with a rapid mode on and the buffer/cash of the rapid-fire hasn't saved to the SSD jet it's lost in case of a crash. Who is right and why?
  12. Ola so I got a Gtx 770 and a big Corsair H50 laying around. I`m not sure if the G12 or G10 support is though because at the end of the site it says H50 (CW-9060006-WW only) I was wondering if it would work because I cannot find any information about it online. My Corsair H50: Other Corsair H50 This is what nzxt site says: https://www.nzxt.com/products/kraken-g10-white
  13. I think the video will speak for itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50m37BEjf0U How to fix? Settings :
  14. The problem is that its already an replacement for the dead drive from 2014, and im worried that they will forward it to some random shop who are gonna charge shit ton of money.