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    16Gb Geil
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    Gtx 770 Msi
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    Cooler Master CM 690 III
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  1. Just tested the true capasaty from the card and its fully functional, now its half full and the same result sadly. I don`t even know where to begin, on other pcs same result.
  2. Well it was like 70 euro if I recall correctly, imma do a storage read write test to see if its a real 512 or not.
  3. So I got a 128GB and an 512GB micro sd card from Samsung. Both U3 and both the EVO Plus. Can someone explane the low write speeds on the 512gb Screenshot (LEFT 128GB | RIGHT 512GB)
  4. Its an basic Lithium-ion battery right? Why can I by default discharge my powerbank to 3 volt but not my phone. That it can go wrong I understand and have dealt with in the past (overcharging), just not finding a way to auctually get it working now a days. The battery calibrations are crappy indeed, just trying to get a few more useable minutes out of a already good battery.
  5. Because I want to use battery from 4.2xx volt -> 3.0 volt to get a bit more use out of 1 charge.
  6. Hello, just as the title suggests im looking for a way to disable the "critial battery shutdown" on android (8.0). I know that this can harm the battery but i need it to drain the battery to 3V (Default 3.5). I have seen tutorials for android with a low version but cannot find a solution for android 8.0.
  7. As seen in video, no hdd connected.
  8. As you can hear in the video (half way trough) the nas makes a clicking sound. Idk why and it suddenly went offline. No leds no fan spin no hdd activity only this clicking sound, how can i fix?
  9. Oh ofcourse, and its just bluetooth so shares easy. Thanks! I will try it in a few weeks and will share my results.
  10. So i can use 2 systems simultaneously on 2 light houses right?
  11. So my question is very simple, can I use 2 separat htc vives with 2 separat pcs on 2 light houses? So in short can 2 difrent pcs see only 2 light houses using both 2 headsets at the same time?
  12. Title prettymuch explaines it, Is it possible to make my Oculus Rift darker? My eyes hurt after a hour or 2 of gameplay. On my pc i fixed that by putting brightness on 30% and contrast on 20.
  13. For some wired reason i made a full clone 2 days ago so im save, i am just scard that this happens again to an expensive drive.
  14. So this thing died now what and how could this have happend?