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    Im_Ben reacted to rice guru in Deciding between HD6xx, HD58x or any other?   
    No, it's a slightly narrower sounding headphone with weaker imaging than the 58x. If you want a nice wide sounding headphone with deep cups check out the he 400i by hifiman but the imaging isn't as precise as the 990 or 58x. Other options to look into are the k
    Akg k612 ,k701,q701k712 
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    Im_Ben reacted to RejZoR in Primocache or Intel RST or other?   
    Performance wise RST and PrimoCache are about the same. But Primocache is just a safer option that is easier to manage and has some extra tweaks like how write caching is done if you decide to use it and also has RAM caching if you have plenty of it.
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    Im_Ben reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Primocache or Intel RST or other?   
    the rst caching for optane works pretty well, id keep using it, but you can test it fi you wn.t 
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    Im_Ben reacted to Senzelian in Good USB hub suggestions?   
    If you're willing to put a hole in your desk, then I recommend these USB hubs form ICY BOX. (Dumbest name ever, but they work really well)
    You can also use them for cable management and you can easily take out the hub and replace it with the cover you can see on the picture. That makes it a very clean solution.

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    Im_Ben reacted to Jimkirk363 in Good USB hub suggestions?   
    @Im_BenI can suggest this one, i have two of these and they work great....
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    Im_Ben reacted to DarkEnergy in Disable or enable IPV6 in router?   
    It's just an IP address, a few numbers to identify a system. It's not going to make anything noticeably faster.
  7. Informative
    Im_Ben reacted to brwainer in Setting up a VLAN on a network switch   
    VLANs are passed between devices by adding a “tag” to the ethernet frame. So “tagged” means that the port will send out traffic for that VLAN with the VLAN tag in place, and likewise accept traffic which has the tag. This means the device plugged into that port understands VLANs and is programmed to use 102 (in your case).
    Untagged means that any traffic which comes into the switch without a VLAN tag will be put into that VLAN, and any traffic leaving the port in that VLAN will not be tagged.
    I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do, so I can’t provide a recommendation about how you should set it.
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    Im_Ben reacted to Lurick in i7 - 8700k Clock speed fluctuating constantly   
    In Windows itself, under the Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Advanced Power Settings > Processor power management
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    Im_Ben reacted to Stu_Bear in i7 - 8700k Clock speed fluctuating constantly   
    Honestly if you are going with 4.8ghz...you are better off enabling MCE and turning up the clock to 102.9...setting AVX to zero....this gives you ~4.836ghz on all cores that run in perfect harmony...this is what I've done just cause my system runs so well at those settings.
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    Im_Ben got a reaction from Lurick in i7 - 8700k Clock speed fluctuating constantly   
    That seems to have fixed it. Now it's at 4.6Ghz(ish) due to AVX offset.

    Thanks for the help though!
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    Im_Ben reacted to Founders in Use raid for gaming?   
    He's not entirely wrong, however blunt. You're not going to notice much of any difference during in-game performance from a SATA SSD vs. a M.2 NVMe SSD. You'd be better off just going with a 2TB now and adding another later on when they're even cheaper. If you have your head set on RAID for redundancy I would refer you to this article. 
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    Im_Ben reacted to minibois in DT 990 pro or DT 770 pro   
    Um.. Can I say I use these headphones via the 3.5mm port on my monitor, which gets its audio via Displayport on my PC and it works just great?
    You would get an amp if you your headphones aren't loud enough, you get a DAC if the signal is distorted. I don't experience either problem, so I don't use a separate DAC/AMP.
    I would at least first try out the headphones with your current audio solution, but if you need to get a new DAC/AMP, Schiit products generally look like a viable option.
    But as I don't have a need for these devices, I have not done too much research.
    Be sure to read the sticky topic on DACs/AMPs though:
    I am still quite a novice with this audio stuff, so I might not have the correct knowledge to form an educated opinion on it.
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    Im_Ben reacted to minibois in DT 990 pro or DT 770 pro   
    The DT 990 is open back, the DT 770 is closed back. The DT 880 would be inbetween those (semi open).
    What is better depends on your use case. The simple difference is:
    Open back has a bigger 'sound stage', so in gaming or a movie you can much better hear where a person is walking.
    Closed back has less of a soundstage, meaning it is less fit for gaming for example (although this is of course based on personal preference).
    You have to keep in mind though, that open back headphones leak sound, like.. leak a lot. I have a DT 990 250 Ohm (which I love by the way), but I couldn't use them in public, because you can basically hear everything I am listening to.
    Otherwise the DT 990 is a super comfortable headphone, just gotta mention though it has a (old) telephone style cable on the 250 Ohm version, which are very compact, but could feel heavy and run awkward on a desk.
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    Im_Ben got a reaction from star_pilot475 in Custom keycaps   
    That's perfect, wow, thanks a lot!
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    Im_Ben reacted to Ravenbear in Custom keycaps   
    Kinda browsed in here and find something I have been looking for.  Thank you.
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    Im_Ben reacted to star_pilot475 in Custom keycaps   
    You can configure this the way you like it and you can also change the alphanumeric layout to Norwegian. It supports backlight too...
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    Im_Ben reacted to Crunken in Good microphone   
    Depends a bit on how loud your keyboard is. If you get a decent pop filter and a mic arm so it's not on the desk, it will pickup basically nothing, and if you're gonna edit the audio later you can remove a lot of background noise
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    Im_Ben reacted to GER_T4IGA in EVGA power supplies good?   
    What model are you coming from? As in why would you upgrade?
    Yes, they are great PSUs.
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    Im_Ben reacted to LukeSavenije in EVGA power supplies good?   
    those are great, as well as the t2 and g2 series. just don't cheap out and look up the tier list I would say. or ask Jon Garow
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    Im_Ben reacted to Spotty in Lag spikes in game.   
    You'll probably need more RAM. If it's hitting 7.6GB of usage then that's probably the max for the system once hardware reserved and other such is taken in to consideration.

    GTA V definitely stutters with only 8GB of RAM, especially when driving or entering new areas on the map.
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    Im_Ben reacted to vanished in PIA blocked by school   
    We don't deal with bypassing school or workplace restrictions or other policy-breaking things
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    Im_Ben reacted to redbullvodka in First time overclocking, got into some problems.   
    Proper people say for a few hours, I usually keep a test going for 30 mins to 1 hour
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    Im_Ben reacted to aezakmi in First time overclocking, got into some problems.   
    If you're just gaming with it don't use an offset
    Get the IBT and set it to Very High, monitor temps with CoreTemp
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    Im_Ben reacted to DarkSmith2 in Best aio cooler   
    I feel free to give you my thoughts on this, take it with a grain of salt. I dont want to trigger anyone but here is my experience with AiO's.
    They are all pretty similar, how they are build, how much they cool, how loud they are. The only changing factors are Radiator size and Fans.
    -most AiOs are using the same pump on different revisions without any real improvements in cooling performance or noise. (thx to aseteks patent rights)
    -every AiO will get louder after some time and lose cooling performance, its always air trapped inside every AiO, which mostly cant be changed due to its sealing.
    they are industrial manufactured this way. Impossible to change if you want it to be sealed and maintenance free. You can shake it like you want maybe you get the air out of your pump for quite some time but it will repeat over and over again because the air cant get out anywhere.
    -none of them comes with really decent fans or IF it is as expansive as other AiO's including buying the fans of your choice seperate.
    -every AiO with software has bad software.
    Imho the best choice you can make is buying one of those expandable units. One way would be to buy a Alphacool Eisbaer variant and mod it. Clean it, change the hoses and fittings for higher flowrate, change the fans to something like Noctua Black.swap Chromax fans and bleed it with your own coolant, maybe even add a small reservoir to avoid air getting into the pump, it has a relatively weak pump compaired to Aseteks variant, but you can also change that if you are "unpleased". Only downsite would be a small maintenance once in a year (refilling) and a little bigger every second year (cleaning). But well you atleast get a real copper radiator..
    Example Video:
    Make sure to turn on subtitles (its in german)
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    Im_Ben reacted to chckovsky in Best aio cooler   
    Best AIO cooler you can buy for money?
    Best value AIO cooler?
    Most companies use basically the same Asetek pumps and circuits. Corsair/NZXT/EVGA all use Asetek.
    Anyways, most AIOs that aren't from no-name brands deliver very similar performance. The big (it's actaully not that big) performance difference lies in fan design and speeds, otherwise it's mostly RGB and looks.
    GamersNexus has a TON of really useful videos on watercooling and AIOs, such as this one:
    So what's your focus? Silence, performance, form factor, price?