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  1. Thanks, will look more into them!
  2. Would you then say that the 6xx are better for movies then?
  3. I live in Norway, however, had also been thinking to buy those, however, it would be almost 80£ in total. If I'm thinking about using 80£ on just earpads, I might as well just invest a bit more and myself a new headset.
  4. I currently have the DT 990 pro which I'm very happy with (sound-wise), however, the issue I'm having is the earpads. When I first got them, my ears slightly touched the inside, but I thought it would go away when I wore them in, but they didn't, it has only gotten worse. I looked at some bigger earpads, but they would be upwards to 100 dollars, hence the shipping. Been looking at some other headphones, like the HD6xx and HD58x, and I can't decide on what to pick from. I mainly do gaming but watch a lot of movies, series and youtube etc. I also been looking at other headphones such as the
  5. Oh wow, yeah, I have some ram that I don't "use" atm.
  6. Wow, thanks for the input! I'll think I will try the free trial and see if it`s better or not in terms of performance. Thanks again
  7. I have an intel optane 32 GB ssd, with their intel rst software, but I was wondering if I should maybe switch to primocache or something else? I am referring to this video from 2018, but a lot of things can happen between that time and now, so was wondering what cache-solution is the best in 2020? So, what would be the best solution for me to use with an HDD(only for games, but not my main games, those are on a ssd..)
  8. Looking for a hub where it has 5+ USB 3.0 ports, would be nice with 1 or 2 USB C, but not a game-breaker. If it needs its own power brick, it needs to have a decent length, since it will be going on a standing desk. Would be great if it could be around the 100$ mark. Edit: Will be used with a desktop
  9. I'm reinstalling windows atm, just in case there's actually was something wrong with windows. If that doesn't work I'll clear the CMOS. If that shouldn't work, I'll contact asus?
  10. 1-2 weeks ago, It would take about 13.2 seconds to boot into windows. But now it can take anything from 20- 35 seconds. I havn't installed any thing new.
  11. I have a Samsung 970 EVO Plus, so the speed of the system shouldn't be an issue. However, the BIOS is so slow to load when I turn on the pc. The specs isn't the issue, however, I'll post them anyway. I'm wondering if there's anything I can change to make it boot faster? Specs: i7 - 8700k @4.8 Asus 2080 Asus Prime Z370-A Samsung 970 EVO Plus samsung 860 ssd Corsair Dominator RGB DDR4 3200MHz 32GB 3 tb hdd with an Intel Optane 32gb
  12. I have overclocked my i7-8700k, and that's a very hot chip. I have delid it though. For me, I would say that my range is in the 80's, however, my cpu doesn't reach those numbers. If you run your cpu on a high temp for a LONG time, it may "die" faster in the futere(but it some cases it doesn't affect the longevity of the cpu). Linus made a video talking about the "safe" temp for different pc parts:
  13. I'm tinkering with my internet and read recently that they're some arguing about to disabling or enabling IPV6 can actually be a good/bad thing to do. So, what are the benefits and disadvantages to enabling it? With that said, should I keep IPV6 disabled in my router or leave it on? I'm trying squeeze every bit of speed I can get out of my internet connection. So I thought I should ask since it was turned off by defualt in my settings.