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    i don't remember now
  • Birthday Jun 04, 2000

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    Again, why?
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    your mother's house, stealing her internet.
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    Rig 1: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Motherboard: ABIT IN9-32MAX Wifi RAM: 4GB DDR2 Hynix RAM Cooler: Thermalright True Spirit 120M PSU: Raidmax 850W PSU HDD: 200GB Maxtor SATA 3.5" Drive, 2TB Seagate Desktop HDD GPU: Galaxy Geforce GT610

    3000 likes achieved: 11/9/2014
    4000 likes achieved: 1/4/2015

    4000 posts achieved: 7/31/2014
    5000 posts achieved: 9/13/2014
    6000 posts achieved: 11/12/2014 http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/249709-underperforming-gtx-770/?p=3424367
    7000 posts achieved 12-30-14 http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/279901-ups-sends-me-90000-in-ipod-nanos/?p=3805879
    8000 posts acheived 4-4-15 http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/341439-amazon-us-1-tb-ssd-for-290/?p=4652958
    9000 posts achieved (didn't remember link) 7/24/15
  • Occupation
    Student, maybe.


  • CPU
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
  • Motherboard
    Abit IN9-32MAX WiFi
  • RAM
    2x2GB Hynix 4GB DDR2
  • GPU
    Galaxy Geforce GT 610,
  • Case
    CM Mystique 632S running without side and front panel. :D
  • Storage
    1x Maxtor 200GB SATA, 2TB Seagate Desktop Drive
  • PSU
    Raidmax 630W Full Modular PSU
  • Display(s)
    Acer G205HV LCD DVI VGA Monitor
  • Cooling
    Thermalright True Spirit 120M
  • Keyboard
    cheap gateway membrane
  • Mouse
    basic Logitech M325
  • Sound
    old Altec Lansing 2.1 system (like 1995 old)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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About Me


And now... my own database of quotes:


Guilty as charged. -tmcclelland455 in a status update.

Lel :P. -CreepersCrawlers 2014

“You need to beat it to get hard.” - Johners (AKA KRINKIN OG KUSH) 10/10 2013
“Plenty of action in the rear.” - Windspeed36
”pls quote me i want 2 be famos - everyone” - Fooshikins
“You got to pound it on a rock really hard" - NoireMk2
"Le toblerone" - nsyedhasan
"Heil Hitler yo" -Whiskers 2014
"He's fapping to victory" - Whiskers 2014
"Last ass fault I played..." -Whiskers 2014
"SLS is maintaining his fap for longer than I can" - Whiskers 2014
"I am currently out-fapping both of you" - Whiskers 2014
“After a long, hard road, I have finally out-fapped SLS" -Whiskers 2014
"SHUT THE HUE UP" - TopWarGamer(lel) 2013
“I dont care if she has screwed up teeth, she's sexy” - TheSLSAMG 2013
"aww the new double d's look amazing" -TheSLSAMG
“move your window” - CoolBeans 2014
“SLS penis = love” - cjeffcoatjr
"battery fanny packs" - MeltyMoon 2014
“Good night dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding” - TheSLSAMG
“I love Logan's beard.” - TheSLSAMG
“I went outside today. The graphics were incredible. But, I kept getting rejected by women. The gameplay sucks.”- TheSLSAMG
“That moment when you accidentally type in Jewegg…”- TheSLSAMG
“SLS don’t leave me honey” - Whiskers
“uncomfort intensifies” -TheSLSAMG
“nigga intensifies, and then recedes after noticing he has nowhere near the penis of a black man” - TheSLSAMG
“Daddy's back, bitches.” - TheSLSAMG
“Do you go outside and scrub your nuts with sand” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
“I need all of it” - Whiskers
“Everyone loves my everything, including my whiskey” - Whiskers 2014
“RAM is like chocolate pudding” - Bluejay0
"Noctuas are fans dipped in oatmeal. Mmm..."- Bluejay0
“This is a tech forum not Reddit” - Dave :)
“Is Russia a continent?”- WunderWaffle 4 president 2016
“haygurllemetuchurbut” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
“I am a test subject for a sleep deprivation experiment” - Slick
"And this is why console players fucking hate us." - Sarcasm 2013
“Wait for the HD 9000 series” - Coolbeans
“Great read fellow techtipian” - Lays
“I should shoot you right now.” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
"Is your dad hammering his penis into your wall?" - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
"I only have a cup on" - NoireMk2
“u wot m8?” - bentheren all the time
“I’m not Mexican… I wasn’t going to go to Noire’s house and run fiber no charge.” - Whiskers (he was only kidding to be fair)
"is that the big wide pink one" - Jaybird
"dicks blowing in my face, I can barely talk right now" - ExconWQHD
"EVGA Afterburner" - TheSLSAMG
“Is there an LTT ecksenktion?” - Bluejay0
“sorry but you just gave me an ass tumor” - _ASSASSIN_
"IT'S A STUPID" - nsyedhasan
“Woahh guys hold the memes,” - snapy1
"My wee has been doing nothing and just lying there for years." - Whiskers
“That’s the most cheeky scrublord way… I’ll use it!” - nsyed
“You’re queefing a lot of shit right now.” - TheSLSAMG
“Tell me more about your musical buttcheeks..” - mrpants
<00:39:17> "MangoJuiceStain": gold nigger
<00:39:21> "MangoJuiceStain": Digger*
<00:39:23> "MangoJuiceStain": holy crap
<00:39:33> "MangoJuiceStain": I didn't actually say that
“I probably make [Vladmir Putin] very happy in bed” - Whiskers
“kden.jpg”- _ASSASSIN_
“Daddy’s black bitches” - Whiskers
“Never leave the spam bot on while trying to post a status update.” - TheSLSAMG
“You’re not even black! HA!” - Ssoele
“but but but my dick is hard I can’t help it” - MangoJuiceStain
“and remember my dick is hard <3” - MangoJuiceStain
"Why wouldn't I [finger a girl]" -nsyedhasan
"you are like the cancer of the internet" - nsyedhasan
"Who's sexy dog is that?" "I want to fuck it in the ass" - MangoJuiceStain
“Nsyed went down on Slick” - Kayn
"You're just thinking the American way, you're thinking wrong." - Ssoele
"I put it all in my mouth at once, there was alot of it" - TheSLSAMG
“every inch counts” - Whiskers 2014
“I don’t always clean my popcorn, but when I do, I watch my parents masturbate at the same time” - Mrpants in reference to TheSLSAMG’s daily struggle
“On my first period...” - Bluejay0
"we all know how you twerk" -_ASSASSIN_
"Damnit I'm a bitch" -TheSLSAMG
”I downloaded 5 gigabeets last night” - Lays
“Please collect my juicy nectar” - Nsyed
“Please poke me” - Nsyed
“What is moo-moo thing?” - Lohney ples
“You can never be as good as me.” - Lohney
“I was just drunk.” - Whiskers
“Hatsune Miku is a literal 10/10 rite?” -Nsyed the baller who gets a couple dollars
“Probing is a very hands on experience”- TheSLSAMG
“White noise is the sound of white power” - Whiskers 2014
“I may have to investigate  that [schlongs of Skyrim mod]” - Whiskers 2014
"excuse me" -_ASSASSIN_ 2014
"The 'eeeerrrrrrrnnnn' of the noctuas" - Darren (Lays)
“epical” - sperkowsky
“You’re dropping more packets than a waitress at tacobell” - Lays 2014
“I need partners..” - TheSLSAMG
“One of the nicer looking Double D’s” -nsyed 4 prez 2014
“I’m soooo drunk hehehehehehehe” -Whiskers
“Proceed to gargle fecal matter” - MrPants
“nigga STOP” -MangoJuiceStain
“fuk you” -Mangothescrublordwhowillnevergettrustedtoplel
“I thought brown people has accents” -MangoJuiceStain
“Penis is one of my favorite foods” -MangoJuiceStain
“It’s brown and furry” - Tea1337
“give me access and I'll make it worth you a while” -MangoJuiceStain in a poke to MrPants
“you dicksacks” -MangoJuiceStain
“You know how big they are?” -Whiskers
“Death by headphone strangulation…” -Whiskers
“Do you WANT to see that pizza dick?” -Whiskers
“Pants at least it's circumcised” -MangoJuiceStain
“cir-cum-sized geddit huehuehue” -Whiskers
Once, I accidentaly said "circumcised" instead of "circumference". - WunderWaffle 4 president 2016
“you took advantage of me assassin D:” -Whiskers
“Isn't enjoyable when it's so small…” -Whiskers
“That's not the only thing you need to apply cream to nightly” -Tea1337
“<22:38:53> "Whiskers": IT'S POSTED ON IGN
<22:38:55> "Whiskers": IT'S TOXIC
<22:38:58> "Whiskers": IT KILLS BABIES IN AFRICA” -Whiskers
“It sticks out like a sore cock” -Techswede
“Canada looks like a hat and Mexico looks like an ass.” - Whiskers
“like your mother's dick” -Whiskers
“are you so insecure in your sexuality that you're terrified by the potential prospect of seeing a gentleman's sausage? ;)” -Whiskers to assassin because he’s acting like a little bitch and won’t click a link.
“it looks like a range rover that crashed into a cheap sex toy store.” -Whiskers
“I’m a motorboat I’m a motorboat” -ixibonehead
“<01:04:48> "Whiskers": I.... want to fuck a dog in the ass...
<01:04:53> "Whiskers": I wanna fuck a dog in the ass...
<01:04:57> "Whiskers": I wanna fuck a dog.
<01:04:59> "Whiskers": I...
<01:05:06> "Whiskers": wanna fuck your mom.. sorry :P” -Whiskers
“What are those blue fish nigger things?” -ixibonehead
“Dude you aren’t reporting me to the FBI for saying that mang” -Cjeffcoatjr in a poke to MrPants
“I was in the mall and I saw this black guy with women’s yoga pants…” - ixiBoneHeadixi
“Are there any niggers here on the teamspeak?" -ixibonehead
"I was just asking if there were any niggers here so I can make a nigger joke" -ixibonehead
“So you need a mother that is lactating.” - Kayn 2014
“They forget about the part where they explode their refrigerator” - _ASSASSIN_
“Damn blue fish nigger coming in here to annoy me.” - ixiBoneHeadixi
“ I'm a 60 year old man from new delhi” - Mangotheshithead
“The advantage [of a milk in the bag] is that you can suck it like a tit” - TheSLSAMG
“can i suck u?” - iNothing
"Assassin, I need you..." - TheSLSAMG
“who is John Cena? is he a pedophile?” - Samdb
“hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” - pintend in response to samdb
“it looks like someone put facial features on a nipple.” - Mark
“what the HAL” - Mark
“Your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re Belgian” - pintend to Ssoele
“America is the only country that matters.” - Darren
“Your cat is more nourished than the rest of Africa!” - TheSLSAMG referring to Nicholas Marzio
“I’m asian, what did you expect?” - TheSLSAMG in reference to his dick
“put a maymay up my butt” - power the scrubbie who is sponsered by mtndew and doritos
“I’m black. --I mean, back.” - TheSLSAMG
“Sell your airplane to Al-Qaeda and then buy the card” - Lays
“Don’t flame [obvious username but shall not be named] just because his wood is darker than yours” -Doublewii
“That’s what he said after 10 hours of masturbation.” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DoucheCanoe, Dildonia
“Maybe he’s jump roping with his dick” -Lays 4 prez 2016
Darren Lopez is the skinniest mexican in the world. - TheDoubleYGamer
“I’ll blow you through the internet” -nsyedhasan
“LinusSchnitzelTits” - VampireKid
“Shut up Africa” - mrpants
“I like to rage about everything. I am also a massive cunt, fucking get over it.” - Samdb
“Kiss him.” - nsyedhasan in reference to whiskers
"King Penis, Please Rise!" - Mark
"Stop touching your dick and talk" - Nicholas
“The fact that you’re covered in my load tells me everything.” - WunderWuffle
“That’s like telling Emma to stop being sexy.” - WunderWuffle
“I’m crying tears of soy” - Lanoi
“Dude, this chick is kinda hot. I’d let her sit on my face.” - OneGun (banned) 2014
“He’s a special little boy, isn’t he.” - FescoTesco (in reference to Stephen Hawking)
“why not have a real top-piece?” -TheSLSAMG refering to how he likes his women
“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? IT’S A PLATYPUS!” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
“that literally looks like a mix between a hammerhead shark and a dildo” - Lord Pantaloons the 3rd of DCD
“My penis is not compatible with racists” - TheSLSAMG
“Michelle Obama is so hot she gave me a presidential erection” - Joshua
“Black people are racist.” - SsoeleI didn't know black people still needed dial-up" - Ssoele 2014
“Penis is love, Penis is life.” - Mango
“Who cares, boobs?” - Cjeffcoatjr
“On a scale of 1-10 how African is your penis?” - Mango to Nicholas Marzio
“Stop breathing!” - _ASSASSIN_
“Yay, bluescreen!” -  Lanoi
Assassin is brown as my penis - Mango
"Milk Lanoi. Do it." -ixi
“Calm my moist tits” -DoubleYGaymer
you're suppose to give me a load - Kayn 2014
“size matters” - >ASSROCK
"google is stupid, when you google normal people it comes up with nignogs. #notracist" - looney
"I can handle 5.5 inches" - Blade Of Grass
“I bang on my desk often…” -TheSLSAMG
“GTX 7990” - DarrenP
"I would just whisper in her ear ‘let me crawl into your eurethra’ and then BOOM. her pants explode” - Lord Pantaloonez the 3rd of DCD
“Wunder, I was right on top of you.” - _ASSASSIN_
“[FUHD is] Fuck you HD”- Elguito
“1080P is 4K” - TheSLSAMG
"That thing will choke hard." - TheSLSAMG
We're such a pain in the ass- tmcclelland455
“Four cores for more whores.” - Lanoi
"I am Russian white Nigga, I am Eddie Murphie" - ‎Кудрявый Элл
"Trust me, I'm Asian..." -terrytek 2014
"My neighbors are fucking at it and it's even louder this time" -WinNut 2014

"Even Avast detects it as crapware" -terrytek 2014