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  1. Regarding the PC motherboard, I would like to know the market share of Intel and AMD in South East Asia(Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand). someone knows where to get the information? And which brands sell the most in these countries?

  2. 3 minutes ago, Ryan_Vickers said:

    "kind of annoying" is putting it mildly.  It's totally insane.  The idea that a display is an uninterrupted rectangle from corner to corner has been an assumption and a cornerstone of computing for all of recent memory, with the exception of very limited, specialty devices (smart watches).  To mess with it like that is just asking for problems. When I first saw this I just assumed the little bits beside the black part were reserved by the system and basically treated as "Extra", but much to my shock, confusion, and horror, I later came to realize and accept that no, those weren't extra, the part under it was just missing.

    there is rumor oppo will launch its 100% full screen soon. let see how the actual phone looks

  3. 1 minute ago, lilbman said:

    In all honesty, that black bar would be kind of annoying.    If Samsung can have a bezel-less screen without that black bar BS, I don't see why Apple cannot do it.

    there will be too much people go to the Apply website and buy. I don't think I can buy it.