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Everything posted by kenlizhijian

  1. I am the overseas representative of maxsun. I have been trying to contact them for a review. I am suprised LTT reviewed the products of maxsun.
  2. though the mining demand is hot, I still feel the motherboard/graphic card future is hard. how do you think?
  3. Regarding the PC motherboard, I would like to know the market share of Intel and AMD in South East Asia(Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand). someone knows where to get the information? And which brands sell the most in these countries?
  4. 3 days rest in 2017, wish you all a happy new year in advance
  5. today is Alibaba 11.11 shopping festival. Is it popular like black Friday in your country?
  6. there is rumor oppo will launch its 100% full screen soon. let see how the actual phone looks
  7. if S8, I prefer the Huawei Mate 10 or to wait for the S9
  8. there will be too much people go to the Apply website and buy. I don't think I can buy it.
  9. I want to buy a new keyboard to replacement the one I am using in my office. Any recommendation on a 50USD mech keyboard?
  10. Have you tried Followerwonk from @Moz? Check out the Twitter bio search, user comparison, & follower analysis: https://t.co/sUuu71PQzY