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  1. NZD$450 is USD$300 So, yeah, HD600 or Fidelio X2 would be my recommendation.
  2. Like what @SSL said, update your drivers and BIOS. If that doesn't solve it, get a cheapo soundcard.
  3. Wow... no they are not You deserve a dick pic Bose QC 25 is your best bet.
  4. There's this quote in a siggy in Head-fi or LTT that says "recommend what's best, not what you're biased with" which I follow... except when the HE-500 is in play since thats the headphone version of cocaine. Nevertheless, no reason not to read through the post anyways. ^^^
  5. Because, like what I said, at the time of purchase of my HE-500, it costs $1000. At some point he did pay me back... but not exactly the one I expected, demanded, and what he really, really, REALLY owes me. Alpha Primes aren't headphone cocaine, despite that I adore it from head to toe.
  6. So... uhh... anyone else wanna suggest some headphones that you guys think is close enough to the HE-500's?
  7. Well, I haven't got enough experience with the 558, so I can only vouch for the SHP9500.
  8. Kill him? Why? That'd shorten the satisfaction. I say I should torture him. Beat the sense into him and kill him once he enjoys it. But in all seriousness... like, holy shit. Like I said, I'm not the smartest person around, but the existence of dumbasses like him is beyond me. He's a grown ass man but is almost as dumb as an inattentive child that has ADHD and problems learning thats stuck in the special needs class and lack creativity as well as even the desire to learn. I'm glad there's not a single dumbass like him in power thats running our government... oh wait. And to top it off, he
  9. Uhm... guys... he called again and told me he got Alpha Primes. He was wondering if there was an Alpha Prime HE-500, but he bought the Alpha Primes because thats how much he really owes me since I bought the HE-500's when they cost like $1000 at the time of purchase (why its priced that high in my country at that time... I dunno), and he got mixed up with Alpha Prime and Hifiman. He asked "what brand is it?" I said Hifiman. I even spelt it out for him, gave him a piece of paper that spelled the product name out, texted him monthly, and even messaged him on Facebook with a picture. I've been do
  10. One, I don't want to debate whether its worth the price or not. And no, I want a rig that runs while cooled. I don't want a pump to suddenly fail because reasons while I'm in the middle of work or gaming and I suddenly get BSOD because my PC is tapping out due to heat or my rig gets demolished or get a lower lifespan due to the heat it tanked. Thank you very much for your reply Another question, though. When do I start running the second pump? When the entire loop is filled? Or just enough when the water has passed through?
  11. Redundancy (the peace of mind that if one pump does go down, atleast the other will still run)
  12. 1.) When I'm filling the loop, do I run the first pump first and run it through the other pump and run both of them once its "full enough"? 2a.) Will there be any downsides with flow rate in that scenario? 2b.) Will the downsides be negligible?
  13. Yep, its as stupid as calling yourself Deep Throat Thug as a rap name... OH WAIT! Yeah, someone did it... the last thing I want in this thread is for the OP to do something like this... pretty much a bad decision.