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  1. Lol, wow! Did you set this up... the ASUS Rog card has been in stock for ages, the minute I actually go to order it... Gone! And the only other 3080 that isn't another 400 extra is, you guessed it, the MSI Suprim X for the same price. I have to admit, I completely dismissed it as I've heard more negatives than positives over the years; cheaping out on SMDs and components, bad RMA experiences... etc. I know all brands have bad stuff but I've heard more about MSI and Gigabyte than most.
  2. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that replied with insightful info and tips, I really do appreciate it, thank you. I'm 99% sold on the 3080 (non-Ti), the 3080Ti seems to be produce around 4-5% more frames but at 300 euros more, that's a steep price for 4-5 extra frames. And I would love to go AMD as the 6900XT has 60% more VRAM and it does appear to have up to 10-12% more frames in some games, average being around 6-7% which is decent enough and more importantly it's the same price as the 3080. But... I have a nervous feeling from the last time I ran AM
  3. Skip to Prices: if you're not interested in my dribble. It kills me to pay insane prices but I've held out for 15-months without a video card and without playing any games at all after my GTX 1080 went deaded, I couldn't justify the ridiculous prices so I waited... and waited... until now. I can't go any longer without gaming, it's catharsis for me, it's my hobble and my safe go to space where I lose myself and forget the bills, pandemic, illness, and stress. So, after recently building my new system, I'm buying a GPU. I knew the specs and rough idea of the benchmarks
  4. Hi, I'm looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations, please. Sadly, I really don't have time for anything custom, as gorgeous as custom boards are I need a board pretty quickly and I work around 94hrs a week so even a spare hour is tough. I love MX browns (tactile) I'll be using it a Lot for work (general typing) and also all types of gaming Needs to be open design around the switches for easy cleaning (I have a lot of pets, no amount of cleaning stops pet hairs getting stuck under the keys) TKL Wired for gaming and Bluetooth for working I was loo
  5. Oh, right got you now, thank you for explaining, appreciate it.
  6. Thanks, that's what I was hoping some kind people could do, check the router site page to check my understanding, in case I've misunderstood it as I'm a complete network amateur.
  7. Sorry... can you dumb this down (ELI5), please? How do you mean "devices will see their public IP change"?
  8. Networking is Not my strong suit so I really need some extra eyes to check that I have not misunderstood something as I'm setting up a LTE/4G failover for my unreliable WAN connection. I've ordered a Teltonika RUT950 LTE Router as it came highly recommended, and my plan is to have my WAN (sort of DSL) connected via ethernet to the router as the primary connection, then the data SIMs as failover for 4G (with 2 large antenna on the roof). My main concern is have I read everything correctly... I can have the WAN (via ethernet) as the primary conn' and LTE as backup with auto switch over an
  9. I'm looking at the Netgear Nighthawk LAX20 as I need a LTE backup, the Nighthawk says it works on all major providers and is sold in UK/EU. But unless I'm being dumb, it doesn't look like it will work on this Vodafone network. Am I correct or being a derp? (Nighthawk Specs) Or any alternatives to this router? Needs to have LTE auto-switch backup and be compatible with exterior antennas. It didn't!
  10. Thanks, I have registered to be contacted for StarLink some time ago and registered again with a different email just in case a few months ago. As for the other thing you mentioned, I will look into that, never seen it before but I think I see what you mean. So, I would need the U-LTE-Pro-EU which is an exterior antenna and a UDM-Pro which is a switch/router. OK, that's a nice, seemingly simple, solution. I will take a look, thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm completely out my depth here and really need some beginner guidance on how and what I need to setup a backup 4G connection for my home. I have a new job working from home, the hours are incredible, it's been fantastic but my connection is letting me down and I'm terrified of losing the job. I now live in Europe and in a very rural part, I'm a 2hr drive from the nearest small town and 4+hrs from a minor city so my connection now is sort of like hotspots; it's a wireless signal beamed from the nearest town to a village, then another village and another... 11 or 12 village
  12. Thanks but that isn't possible. As I said, sometimes while in a rush with a client on the phone going nuts because XYZ I'm balancing 20 tabs and apps at once, soon or later I will click a bookmark, forget to middle-click and... Bam!... work on that page is gone.
  13. Yes, I have checked and there's nothing. I figured there must be an extension surely but I can't find one
  14. I've started a new job that requires me to be bouncing from page to page, app to app... every few seconds and no matter how much I concentrate I keep forgetting when rushing and accidentally left-clicking a bookmark and losing everything I've just wrote or been working on because a lot of the sites/pages don't save drafts. (Inb4, I know about ctrl-click and middle-click, I do normally do this but sometimes while rushing I forget and lose work/time) I really need either an extension, a setting, or anything that will force bookmarks to always open in a new tab on left-click? Even if
  15. Thanks for the info, I was aware of the differences although mostly only the basics, I only mentioned the amp as the user above suggested it. I do want to get one and a DAC in the future to improve my setup so I appreciate the recommendations.
  16. I started a new job last night and had problems the whole time with getting my audio set up (great first impression). It's working now but I have a constant Hissing through my headphones when the mic is plugged in and if I talk loudly or tap the mic I can hear it clearly through the headphones. The issue is I've been into the Sound settings in W10 and disabled the Listen to this device setting and set the Boost to 0 and Mic level to 1 but it still does it. Is there any other setting I'm missing that causes this, or is it completely normal and I've just never noticed it?
  17. Thanks, this was the first thing I checked. Sadly, there are zero networks with a good connection in this area which is why I want to get a router and not just a USB dongle, I'm hoping I can either get one with weatherproof exterior antenna or at least one I can put in my attic/loft to get the best connection possible.
  18. That's extremely helpful, thank you. That drop in connection is what's going to ruin me. At the moment we are experiencing anything from 2 to 30 connection outages a day, especially in the evenings which is when I will be working. So, if I can get a decent 4G router and a good connection I might be better to use the 4G as my primary and WAN as the backup as the 4G is going to have less outages. One more question if I may; are they basically the same as a phone, i.e. if 4G it's available it will connect to 3G or EDGE?
  19. I'm Googling, reading, and learning but can anyone help me out with a crash course bullet points into 4G routers and how they work, anything I need to know or look out for, dos and don'ts, please? I lost my job during the first lockdown last year and struggled badly all year, I've finally got a new job and I start on Monday but my internet is extremely unreliable for the past month or two due to ongoing upgrades in the region, I'm terrified I'm going to lose this job as well before I can even start, so I need to get a 4G connection as a backup ASAP. Questions I have so far: A
  20. It would be with a different provider. My phone provider is crap, I need to change really but I never SMS or call, everything is online now. It was probably over a year ago since I last texted or call someone not over VoIP. This is extremely helpful, thank you. I've never had the need for this before so I wasn't fully aware 4G routers were a thing, I assumed there must be something like that, some sort of advanced dongle so to speak but I wasn't sure. Great stuff, thank you. Sadly, they all say they have great coverage and technically they aren't lying
  21. Hi everyone, please bear with me here as I've never had or needed to use a mobile data dongle/adapter until this week. Reason I'm asking: I'm starting a new job next week but my WAN connection has started being super slow and very unreliable recently. I emailed my ISP who told me they are doing region-wide upgrades for the next 12-18 months so I should expect frequent outages. Amazing timing! I immediately looked for another ISP but it's this one or nothing as I'm in a rural area. So, I went to a store and picked up a 3G/4G dongle but I could barely even connect! When I managed