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  1. I would reccomend you a GTX 960,can run GTAV at high detail preset at 50 to 60FPS with no problem.
  2. I would reccomend you to get a R9 290X from AMD, is cheaper, have better computing cabpabilities that the gtx 970, has supprt for 10 bit colour depth, and just costs $300. The rest of the parts are fine, but if You can get a 5960X
  3. Everything in this build is good, except the graphics card, a GTX 750 cant run GTAV at 1080p 60FPS, You can go for a GTX 960 and get 50 to 60 FPS at high detail preset, and if can, i would reccomend you to upgrade that FX-6300 to an I5.
  4. IronGamart


    If Linus makes this build, it will be AWASOME
  5. I would reccomend the fastest single card option, if you can afford the titan x, buy it. You can SLI it later. And if you think about vram, right now 4GB is enough, but if you think about the future, titan x wins