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    MSI Z77A-GD55
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    2 X XFX 270X
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    Corsair 750D
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    SSDs and HDDs
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    Windows 7 Ultimate
  1. Thanks for replying back, its such a bummer about that, its really noisy when i try to play, ill deal with it and try to block it out. for now, ill save up to buy another power supply....probably a smaller wattage, my kill-a-watt is only showing 550w, at full load with my setup. probably a 750w would be best for me.
  2. When my power supply is at load, i hear this fain buzzing noise. I assume its coil whine, but i have never heard coil whine in person before so i want to be sure with people if its dieing or its a natural coil whine. its pretty dang loud also....when im trying to build a silent PC Here is the Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-37rZLXZGE&feature=youtu.be Oh yeah i forgot, it a Corsair HX1050.
  3. Max i would go for is 56mm with a single set of fans. I have the RX360 rad on top, with corsair AF120s, its barely touching my Mosfets
  4. Just like you said...."there is always more"....I couldn't stand keeping it like this...I just ordered 20 Bitspower compression fittings and a EVGA 780 Hydro Copper.
  5. I'm looking for a fan controller to control all my fans in my recent watercoling build, I already have a RX360 and a 240mm radiator cooling a 2600k @ 4.5Ghz. My only issue is is that I have 3 pin fans, no PWM at all. So basically, is there a fan controller that is software controllable and supports 3 pins. If not, Ill just have to throw some more cash at my computer lol
  6. Now here is is the disassembled After dissassembled, like a little kid, i rushed and got more excited as it gets closer to completetion! Installed the Waterblock and routed the tubing. installed a Emergency Drain Port through the back, I used the XSPC Fillport, Drilled a 3/4 hole in the back of the case then installed it. Easy as that! Afterwards, I filled the loop....SHOOK THE HELL OUT OF IT to get the air bubbles out lol I let it sit for half the day afterwards, then plugged everything in! I just wish i had a better camera or lighting equipment to
  7. My H220-X came in yesterday! I immediately opened it up and checked the contents, everything is there, all i needed was the pump and waterblock. I'm such a little kid when it comes to things in the mail.
  8. The fans liked perfectly fine but I couldn't get over the boring look for the fans, so I had to paint them. Sorry I didn't take any photos, but they were easy to disassemble. Just push the fans out, and hold the brackets to avoid cracking. Here are the end results installed.
  9. The 270s isn't bad so far, it works perfectly fine for me. Plan on getting a 970 in the future. Not soon-soon, but when I get enough to buy one
  10. I just bought some sleeving from lutro0. It was my first time sleeving and it is a long Time consuming process. But the quality and the costumer service they have, it's great! The sleeving are stiff and tight, and it doesn't fray as easily. Here are the results of my sleeving I've done yesterday, I've only done the EPS, 24-pin, and 6pin PCI-E X 4. came with leftover for mistakes when I bought 75ft for blue and 75ft for white. (Only costed me 50+6$ shipping for the sleeving and pin removal tool)
  11. Gotten the radiator in! XSPC RX360, pretty dang thick! (That's what she said). Since the theme is blue and white, I chose to paint the radiator. So here are the results! And here's with it installed with Corsair fans...BARELY FITS!!
  12. Thanks, first time doing a build like this and I looks pretty good so far! Even on a tight budget!
  13. pre assembly. Doesn't look too bad in my opinion. So I zip tied all the wires and leave them there for a few days to allow them to take its shape. Thursday is when I'll cut the zip ties and hopes it'll stay in its shape!
  14. Got my sleeving in this morning! Started sleeving and it took me all day....be warned, this is my first time sleeving and tried the heatshrinkless method After all that I tried out my work and see if everything is in working order!
  15. Replaced the stock PSU fan with a Noiseblocker PK-3, it'll be an extra fan anyways, so.... Why not? Works perfectly and soo much quite!