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  1. A GTS 450 is a good bit faster than a GTS 240, I have a GTS 250 but I've never run Borderlands on it. I was able to run FC3 at 1080p on the medium preset at a solid 30FPS(with a 4.5Ghz i5 though) so it would be reasonable to assume it would run BL2 fine seeing as the game isn't anything special to look at and only gets demanding when you try to run PhysX. @OP if you avoid running PhysX you should be able to run the game at at least 30FPS @720p if not a bit better.
  2. nb4 braindead monkeys roll through on the wccftech hate train.
  3. "Dear countrymen, we will be pushing on with this town resolution because we believe this is the right thing to do for the children who are often seen causing trouble, cussing, cutting classes, gambling, staying up late, fighting, and ignoring their studies. We love the children and we will not allow their future to be ruined. Thank you for your support and understanding." Ok
  4. looks like I'll be RMA'ing another 760, nothing I've been able to do has fixed it. http://puu.sh/eO3lZ/eec56a7ec8.png

    1. TheSLSAMG


      Well fuck, good luck

  5. A lot of "normal" news sources are saying gaming killed him and people are fucking buying that shit, his stupidity killed him not gaming.
  6. I would love to try to squeeze some more score out of my system but my second card with the faulty temp sensor keeps holding me back, pretty much as soon as any load is applied to the card the temp shoots up regardless of how fast the fans are spinning. Screenshot showing what's going on: You can see that I have the fans running at 100% before I put load on the card and it's idling at 38c, as soon as I put load on it though it shoots right up to anywhere between 95-98c and then the clock starts throttling. Here you can see the two cards both with their fans set to 100% and how
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuMvp673r2k absolutely overpowering
  8. indeed I did, I blame not properly paying attention to what I was typing.
  9. shibbity bloopin blorg blorg blorg ffs I know I mixed them up stop quoting me
  10. She was in a hurry, she saw a gap in the oncoming traffic and thought her car was quick enough to make it. It was an idiotic decision caused by her inexperience.
  11. It was a poor judgement call, she miscalculated because she lacked experience. My car was a gift first of all, and the car she was driving was a 90's Nissan Pathfinder with a Chevy V8 swapped into it. I can sit here and say that the shouldn't get a sportscar because I realized that I was in over my head with a vehicle like that after a few close calls I was lucky enough to get away with my early fuckups, after that I made a conscious effort to be more careful at all times. That being said you don't need 300HP to do something stupid, and an MX-5 makes good use of it's limited power by being lig
  12. And my first car was a Mustang with a 5L V8 and about 300 HP and I drove it for 5 years without incident before some dumb teenager did something stupid and wrecked it and my back. She had been driving for three years and it was her first accident, she said and I quote "I know the light was red, but it looked like I could make it" People make mistakes, people who lack experience are more likely to make a poor judgement call. In the end OP will do whatever they are allowed to do but it's a stupid idea to give a new driver something that is any kind of fast and that's a fact and my opinion is bac
  13. I disagree that it has little to do with age, while there are plenty of adults that are stupid enough behind the wheel some teenager is going to be worse. They won't have the benefit of years of driving experience to draw upon while they are deciding whether or not they should do something stupid. Someone with 10 years exp will have that and thus a chance to decide that their idea is a bad one and they shouldn't do it some kid won't have that and is likely to behave like a fuckwit. A slow safe car is the only kind of car a new driver should have that goes double for a teenager.
  14. Not only that but vehicles like those are not a proper vehicle for a teenager learning how to drive, there needs to be no capability for performance or speed so the temptation to do something daft never arises. People who have been driving for decades have enough trouble scraping together enough braincells to pay attention while they're driving. Some teenager filled with hormones and lacking proper forethought is twice as dangerous to themselves and other people than anyone else on the road and four times as dangerous in something with even a moderate level of performance. Not to mention t
  15. An AIO would ruin case compatibility for a lot of people in addition to most not wanting them in their case, it's also not necessary for modern Nvidia cards as their heat output is much lower than the 290/290x/295x2 thus not needing to be watercooled to reach high overclocks. There's also the additional price that a lot of people wouldn't want to pay and the addition of more failure points that could potentially damage not just the GPu but other system components too. There have been AIO factory cards before, there was a PNY AIO cooled GTX 580.
  16. My suggestion is to not buy a sportscar for your first car.
  17. They have their Orion Spark keyboard too, that being said it would be stupid for them to have several different mech boards.
  18. Because ACU is not very well optimized, this needing more GPU power to run.
  19. Looks fine, the 550 Ti is sufficient but a nice and inexpensive upgrade from it would be something like a 750 Ti or the upcoming GTX 960. You have a k chip and a Z97 board but if you want to overclock you're going to need an aftermarket cooler. The mainstay is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, it's inexpensive and would get a you a reasonable overclock unless your ambient is too high or your chip loses the silicon lottery. If it's cheaper you should drop the 1866Mhz Ram for 1600Mhz as the difference between the two is non-existent performance wise.
  20. This person is still relevant?