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    Salerno, Italy
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    Intel i7 4790k @4.00Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z97X Killer
  • RAM
    HyperX Savage Kit 2 x 4 GB
  • GPU
    Inno3D iChill Geforce GTX 970 Ultra
  • Case
    NZXT Noctis 450
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    Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB, Seagate 2TB HDD
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    Evga Supernova 750 G2 80+ Gold
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Logitech G110
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    Logitech G300
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    JVC HA-660B
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

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  1. I had missed out the Gamer Nexus review of the cooler. I'll try mounting this one as soon as I upgrade cpu-mobo-ram. I'll also add some picture for reference so that anyone with the same case will be able to look at it.
  2. Not so long ago I've graduated from uni. As they knew of my plan to upgrade to an AMD system soon, some friends of mine have gifted an Artic Liquid Freezer II 280. I already had an NH-D15, had planned to buy a NM-AM4 mounting kit for the upgrade, since at the time i bought it it came without it (and I cannot ask a free one as I lost my receipt). Searching online for the Liquid Freezer II 280, I've seen that it has good performance, but that's mostly because it is hella huge. I have a NZXT Noctis 450, and I don't think there's enough clearance between the top mount and th
  3. So, I was changing my thermal paste on the cpu. Opened the pc, plugged out the cables, removed the gpu and all, to work better... When I finished I did some tests to ceck if everything was alright. Heard a "clank" sound, took a look but did not notice anything wrong. Saw my cpu temp was better... nnnnnice. Saw my gpu temp... wtf. Usually in benchmarks it did a bit better. Sat around 70°-80° now. Took a look, there is one of the 4 fans on the gpu not spinning. Tried to make it spin, the same "clank" sound. Now my ichill x4 has become an ichill x3. I'm wondering if
  4. I have been saving for a while... Could even continue saving and buy the top tier of what's next.
  5. I had the misfortune of trying playing on a 4k monitor some time ago, and was left like "gosh, this is just btfull *.* "... >If things go well, and Vega is really something, I may just go 1080p -> 4k... Btw, one thing I was wondering about is: is the 1080 11Gbps better in performance than the old 1080? I have been waiting to upgrade both my Gpu and my monitor, but still cannot convince myself about what to do... Loved MEA in 1080 tho. My 970 could handle it without problems ù.ù
  6. Wanted to upgrade, going from 1080p to 1440p... While saving I was like "oh, I could get a 1080, or a 1080ti..." also "maybe AMD will make something worth in the high end..." Then i saw these moves: the 1080 11gps, the Titan X(p) and the "rebranded" 4XX from amd and was like I prefer to stay still and wait, observing. The damn 1080ti is 1000Eur-ish while the 1080 is 500-600 Euros. I guess I'll just wait for the 2080 vs Vega's higher end card war... hoping that there will be some real competition perfomance/price wise... guess that's the price I have to pay to be able to pl
  7. EnzoMP

    What to do...

    But there is always something telling me to get a 1440p one...
  8. EnzoMP

    What to do...

    So i guess you maean that 144Hz > 1440p, and that the 1440p is not worth for a 200Eur bonus.
  9. EnzoMP

    What to do...

    I don't know where to find one of these, tho...
  10. EnzoMP

    What to do...

    But is 144Hz worth the non 1440p?
  11. EnzoMP

    What to do...

    Hi there guys! Lately I've been thinking about buying a true pc monitor for my computer. Why I say "true monitor"? Well, because I am using an old samsung LE32B530P7W. It's a 32" 1080p LED television. It has served me well the last 7-8 years (don't even remember when I got it). It has some dead leds, gives off a lot of heat, and it's for sure not eye-friendly. Also it's f***ing huge and I'd love to get some more space on my desk to have some space where to study. You see: Some time ago I tried a 1440p 144Hz monitor of a friend and I loved it. Since then I've been th
  12. So, I am thinking of this setup: partpicker. Prices are a bit off, all i see on Amazon.it has a lower cost, with what I picked, i go around 585 Eruos. Now all I need is a good cheap Psu. What should i get?
  13. What should be a good basic gpu?
  14. Hi there guys! Last time I asked for help for a build it was for my gaming rig. You all were awesome and I am enjoying sweet and smooth 1080 gaming a lot. Now, I am sure many of you could help me build the best computer for high-end gaming... but what I need now it's kind of different. I was asked, from my uncle, to build a computer. He needs it for work. He and my father own an architect studio, and both have very old and very obsolete computers. Also, those are full amd and kinda hot in these hot days ( #hotitalyishot ). He would like to pay around 60
  15. I'll repost it in the right section, this one can be deleted.