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  1. Anybody got answer to first question? it takes like 5minutes for that monitor to go sleep and then windows wont detect it anymore. I press power button on the monitor and it turn on. its display port problem because if I attach HDMI cable to this monitor, it wont go to sleep mode.
  2. I just fixxed it by my own, I've had gtx960 for few years at least and when I got it I remember someone said that it supports only 2 monitors. now I looked from windows screen resolution settings and saw that "one output availible" and already had two monitors connected. now connected the 3rd one and all displays working from same gpu Any idea how much performance I lose by doing this? I mean I have 40" tv, some old 60hz benq monitor and this 144hz samsung connected to gtx960. Do I lose like 20fps ingame or not at all? the display itself has 60hz mode and 14
  3. Not sure if this is gpu problem but basically I just got samsung C24FG73FQU display, connected it with displayport to my gtx 960, and my other benq monitor is connected to same gpu via DVI cable. Before I had two monitors, one with DVI cabl and on with HDMI. I had no problems Removd the HDMI cable and the display and replaced with that samsung one. everything is working fine until this samsung monitor goes to sleep mode and from windows settings I cannot see the samsung monitor anymore. I have to manually turn on the samsung monitor and then windows detects it and everything is
  4. Hello. I have Asus m5a97 r2 motherboard and on-board sound is not working. It has never worked. Im not stupid but I just cant get it working. I have all the lastest drivers from asus and every single thing is up-date. But I just can't get sound out from audio jacks. 6 ports, sound doesn't come out or go in. Device manager does not show up any audio drivers and playback devices is empty, no hidden devices or anything. Anybody have idea how?
  5. Any ideas for the front panel? Activity led, power led, power button, where I place them etc. I dont really want any optical driver because I have not used one for 3 years and I think I dont need one
  6. I think i'll use aluminum, not sure yet, something like that. From pictures you can tell that I'm going to use something really thick like wood but no I tried draw very thin but it showed stupid in sketchup There will also be 90 degree rod so the case will be strong.
  7. I measured my old mid tower height and length and they are the same as here, only the width is more because i will have 2x 120mm fans side by side and still have room The back curve is interesting idea, thanks for that, I will look forward to it haha, I'll make my own first Thanks. I forgot the tubing , I'll think something. Cables will go behind the case
  8. So I am designing new case what I am planing to make this summer. At the same time when I was making this case I learned littlebit of sketchup Inside there will be 3x 120mm radiator in back panel and 2 air intakes. The whole case will be sound and air isolated so only intakes are from bottom fans. Gpu and Cpu are water cooled. I'm not sure about the colors yet but I was thinking something like white carbon fiber. There will be some leds and all that cool stuff :3 Any suggestions? Is it even worth trying something like this?
  9. Good idea. 360mm radiador would be cool but lets think about that when I build the custon loop. Now its sealed and I dont really want to open it because I dont have liquid to fill it again. At first I tought that I hide the wires under the sound isolating material but I think your idea is better.
  10. For my eyes, yes thats pretty good Sure If I have many money () I would by normal case and buy bolt on things But for some reason, I like to do everything from scratch
  11. Found the problem, somehow windows tried to communicate with my other hdd what I have only for stuff I need, it has no windows files. Unplugged the HDD so there was only my ssd with windows. And everything booted up normally. Wierd stuff Thanks anyway
  12. Hi! This is my first build log and my first computer case mod. Hope you like it The idea is something like toxic or something like biohazard theme. All ideas are welcome. I bought cheap case just because I wanted to try some things on it. Also this build is very cheap and I will try to make everything myself and not buy new things. Case: LC-power pro 927B Motherboard: Asus m5a99x r2 evo Cpu: amd fx 8350 Gpu: Geforce gts 450 PSU: I have no clue, got it from school. some 500W SSD: Kingston fury 240gb RAM: Kingston hyperx CL10 1866MHz DDR3 Cooler: Antec 650 Mouse: death
  13. Yes yes, I removed the battery and power, pressed power button, reseted bios. I'm not stupid, I know this **** But now I have problem what I dont know how to solve.