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  1. Welll i found out after hunting, i could get the Intel Rapid Storage Application, and messed around with settings turning on writeback, and using an SSD as "acceleration" I now get 450MB/s Read and Write Over my network! Still tweaking settings, but now its useable! I still am looking for a raid-card cause the Intel raid software doesn't seem to be quite as good as a dedicated card, but in the short term, it will do Thanks a lot for all your help!
  2. that is a future plan, problem is expense feel free to suggest some cheap cards,
  3. =w= update, i am not getting weird speeds reading and writing, i think one or more of the drives have failed will keep updated, while i try to find some better drives to make a raid with
  4. NAS: CPU i7-3820@3.6ghz 8gb ram DDR3 670GTX graphics p9x79-motherboard 120gb SSD (boot drive) And the before mentioned three drives in raid5 Main Computer: CPU: AMD 4.0ghz octocore ram: 32gb 1060GTX + 6gb Vram 2x HyperX 240gb SSD (Raid0)(boot drive) I have tried other computers, and even copying files on the computer itself Anything Writing to that Raid Seems to just drop to 20mb/s halfway while Reads are fantastic, even on a 1gb connection (120MB/s)
  5. Today parts finally arrived for me to mess around with 4gb networking, and the results have largely been great except for one issue I am Using RAID5 (3x1tb drives), just some drives i had laying around since i can't afford the drives i want yet Downloading from the NAS is great, as you can see with my downloads file(attached picture) the 1.6gb file i had laying around FLEW uploading is a different story, it starts great, but halfway it drops down to 20MB/s, (attached picture) -i do know raid5 has slower write speeds but i wasn't expecting sudden drops I