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    intel 5930k@4.6ghz
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    asus deluxe 3.1u
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    64gb corsair vengence lpx
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    corsair 780T
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    nzxt kraken x61 cpu cooler 8x corsair high performance 120mm
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    logitect g910 orion spark
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    logitect protos core 502
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    windows 10

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  1. i agree but at the same time im not a fan of my gpu raising above 55c, regardless it worries me at that point and i was thinking of the FTW for the higher clock speed and such in the mean time. I dont so much mind paying a little extra for the cooler if it means it keep the gpu at the temp i want even if i dont go for the loop months down the road.
  2. reason of me was thinking of the hybrid being i might not be able to afford going custom loop at first after the gpu upgrade, and i personally not a fan of air cooling after i got a evga aio cooling card. So i though at the end sure id be paying a little more but i know ill have some form of liquid cooling till i can afford a 800 plus dollar custom loop.
  3. Well title says it all, i am looking to upgrade my current gpu and not sure which brand is the best to go with knowing that i can go to custom loop down the road i was however looking at this and not sure if ek waterblocks supports this card. Can someone inform me? Evga GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid Gaming or this ASUS ROG Poseidon GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti
  4. So on the crime thing at going to the psycho pass anime level ai stuff, well that's wonderful
  5. @LuckyDuck69 well i did some other steps it seems its holding stable now without a oc on the card, i might rma and try for a better ASIC quality card but for now its good
  6. its not a driver to say atleast theres no way to run it also could it be the latest nvidia driver issue? could that have caused it?
  7. i have a second monitor that is the same one i was using as a second screen that hasent changed and it still crashes with the same second monitor, and i can try that its just really random when it happened, basically after i plugged my new monitor i was playing dirt 3 and the crew well it happened on both same issue dirt it black screened then the game crashed and i lost all sound so i had to reboot to fix it, i tryed the crew it happend similary tho it just crashed and monitor went black a couple of times and i thought hmm if it was a gpu crash it would said driver crashed then recovered in o
  8. i mean it stays at 45-52 max on full load, i have tryed multiple games and reinstall of drivers and such i never had any crashes till this new high end monitor before i was playing on a tv so my gpu laughed at it, so it never happened like this till now and yes ita a hybrid
  9. yea it sucks man it really does, i have awful luck with cards tbh my old 680 wouldnt oc at all and this titan well wasnt much of a titan when it cant handle 2k
  10. that also one thing ive tried, i had issues the moment i hooked my monitor and play games early yesterday, i wiped and fresh installed windows 10 pro. Well long story short it didnt help, guy at evga said to use the display driver cleaner well i did that and it had crashing issues then i finally said screw it and oced my gpu well its holding stable but thats ocing and the fact it bearly get to 1300 and past on water doesnt much help that situation
  11. i have tried the display driver cleaner and i have ran cclearner and i have ran disk cleaner, every shred of left over i have erased and cleaned, at the moment me oc my gpu giving it extra volts and max power target limit is holding it stable, from day one this card wasnt much of a over clocker and it couldnt do clock speeds most other titan x's could obtain with ease, so im assuming me needing to give it extra voltages and such is directing to a bad luck card or such @LuckyDuck69
  12. im hoping i wont have to do that tbh, i doubt they would give me that much trouble tho i mean a 1100 gpu they better not its alot of money i spent on it and ill watch out for the tricks
  13. im gonna make a request and if it a not a hybrid and b not equal or greater performer then my current ill rma it again, im not gonna let them give me something lower and or im not getting a refurb ill send it back too so.